Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Sea of Red

Does anyone know how many tomatoes there are in a Peck? I do. There are 8 quarts in each peck. Do any of you know how many pecks of tomatoes my husband picked this past weekend? I do. That's because I am knee deep in them making salsa, spaghetti sauce and tomato juice. We have peeled, cooked and sieved so many tomatoes in the past couple days that all I smell is tomato and there are seeds everywhere I look. I am drowning in a sea of red! I downsized the number of tomato plants this year when we planted our garden (we only did 12) but we had a few renegades that managed to crop up from seeds scattered around the garden. Then with the cooler, wet weather we had this spring the plants had a lot of fruit on them but they didn't ripen like they normally do. So they all seemed to ripen at the same time which is now and these puppies are HUGE! It's like the Takeover of the Monster Tomato! I'm surprised I don't have nightmares of being chased by them. This is probably why I don't wear the color red.
Tonight after work it's more juice. V-8 anyone?
UPDATE: 23 quarts and 9 pints completed last night

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