Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Never Enough Time!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! Sometimes I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland and I've fallen down the rabbit hole and everywhere I turn someone is in a hurry and I am running behind and out of time.
Who ever decided that 24 hours in a day were enough to get everything done? Obviously they didn't have my schedule! Right now I have tomatoes that are ready to be made into salsa, homework that I have to complete before Thursday, Tegan's football practice to watch, a Taste of Home party to attend and let' s not forget work. In all of this somewhere I still have to find time to do laundry, make dinner and sleep. I realize I am not the only woman who finds herself in this situation and I have to ask why do we do this to ourselves? I always thought as I got older, my life would slow down but it hasn't happened yet and doesn't look like it will anytime soon. On the other hand I realize if I wasn't this busy, I would be bored out of my head and driving poor George crazy. I don't see me or George as the type to ever sit in a rocker doing nothing even after we retire. We will always be doing something or going somewhere. Life goes on and so do we. OOPS! Lunch time Gotta Go!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Who needs Prozac when you have best friends you can unload on? Best friends let you bitch about anything and everything and don't judge you. They listen to what you have to say and really care how you feel. They cry with you over the loss of a loved one, the birth of a child, a wedding and even when a spouse gets a new job(Congratulations Nancy!). They get excited for each other over a move to a new house or condominium(Way to Go JoDee!). Best Friends can go for weeks sometimes without seeing each other but if you need them they are there in a heartbeat. They encourage each other in whatever opportunities they may seek and are the first ones there to pick up the pieces if it doesn't work out. Best Friends just seem to get you when no one else does.
JoDee, Nancy and I have been best friends for many years and have seen each other through many things both good and bad. We're always there for each other and have each others backs.
We try to get together once a month for breakfast or dinner but it doesn't always work out due to our busy lives. That doesn't matter because we keep in touch by email and if one of us needs the others we're there. We know we can share anything whether it's good news, bad news or anything in between and it stays in the room with us and when we leave we all feel so much better. Problems solved or at least if not solved, shared so they don't feel so big anymore. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the Middle

© By Sasha N. Puente

I'm not the oldest
or the youngest;
I'm in the middle.

I'm not the tallest
or the shortest;
I'm in the middle.

I'm not the fastest
or the slowest;
I'm in the middle.

I'm not smartest
or the least intelligent;
I'm in the middle.

I'm not the most social
or the least talkative;
I'm in the middle.

I'm not the leader of the family
or the baby of the family;
I'm in the middle.

Sometimes I find myself saddened by this
and think that I have no place;
I'm just in the middle

But now I look in the mirror and realize
I am the cream in the Oreo,
the peanut butter in the sandwich,
the fun part of the rollercoaster;
I'm in the middle....what a great place to be.

This is for all those Middle children like me. I used to feel I missed something by not being a firstborn or the baby of the family but then I realized how lucky I was. The firstborn was the one they "practiced" on before they decided to have more kids and the baby was the one that got all the hand me downs from all the other kids. SO being in the middle wasn't so bad.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Daze

Pencils, paper, book bag, organizer, highlighters, pens, pay tuition and buy book. YUP, it's that time again! School starts next week and I will be chained to a desk for 4 hours one night a week for 8 weeks. Where the hell did the summer go?
I took the summer off from school to get so much done but I don't feel like I accomplished much at all. I still have all the stuff in my garden yet that needs to be harvested, the deck is started but not finished, I have flowers that still need planted, I haven't made my salsa yet, and we haven't fished nearly enough! Wow it's amazing how fast time goes.
I guess I'm lucky I don't have to do all the prep work for going back to school like I used to when I was a kid. Buying new clothes and all the school supplies and stuff. For me it's just a few pencils and pens, pay the tuition and buy the book. Most of my homework is done on the computer and printed off. Of course I don't care about peer pressure and I'm not trying to impress anyone but my teacher so I don't care. I go to class right from work so whatever I look like at the end of the day is what they get (gotta feel sorry for them some days).
Our group is usually pretty eclectic with a wide range of ages and job skills. It was really funny how the first night we grouped together at tables and formed our little cliques and that's how we've stayed. It wasn't even by age our professions either because our table has everything from business professional to bartender and age range from 50's to 20's. Our table does seem to be the trouble makers though-the jokesters and the talkers. We're always laughing at something. In my defense I will say I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA even while having fun. I'm actually having a great time even if I do have to juggle a lot with working full time and trying to get my degree. Do I regret it- Hell no! What I do regret is not doing it right the first time.
But guess you're never too old right?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will You Marry Me?

That's the question Harley asked Ruth 60 years ago and she answered, "yes". Yesterday, they renewed those vows before family and friends and it was a wonderful thing to witness. They still bring joy and laughter to each others lives and are a perfect compliment to one another. They have 3 children who now have families of their own and were there to share in their happiness.

Many friends and family members came from all over to share their day with them, including my husband and I. I'm glad we did even though we had to travel a couple hours to get there and I had to Map quest the directions (remember my husband and I don't travel well together when there are directions involved). Regardless, we made it to our destination, checked into our hotel, changed and found the supper club where the event was being held. First people we met as we came in were my sister in law Cathy and her husband Al, Then it was non stop one relative after another, Tom and Kitty, Jeannette and Junior, Bill and Donna, John and Carol, Dave and Muffy, Dick and Karen, Barb and John and on and on. Of course the one person that wasn't there and should have been, was my mother in law,Mary. She ended up in the hospital on Friday and was unable to go so I was the designated photographer to record the event for her.

Everyone socialized for a couple hours and then Ruth and Harley renewed their vows and we ate supper. The meal was really quite good and there was plenty of it. Of course the Bride and Groom were interrupted several times during their meal by the clinking of silverware on glasses to kiss. A bit of trivia- this is a Wisconsin thing because where I grew up in Iowa if you do this they look at you like you've lost your mind. There was dessert and a cake made by their grand daughter, Amanda. There were a few speeches made by friends and family and one little secret was finally told after many years by Bill. He thought his parents could finally handle it and he wouldn't get in trouble.
After supper people stuck around for a while to catch up some more and talk to those people they hadn't gotten to talk to before supper. Plans were made for future get togethers, email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged and hugs all around. Slowly people started drifting out the door to go home (or in our case back to our hotel) for the night. A good time was had by all and we wish Ruth and Harley many more happy years together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Then and Now

Sunday, August 17th is my firstborn, Carrin's 35th birthday. Where did the time go? I really can't say it seems like yesterday that I was just giving birth to her, because it doesn't but it sure doesn't seem like 35 years. Your firstborn born is always the one you practice on because you really have no idea what the hell you're doing with a baby when you become a parent for the first time. They don't give instruction manuals with babies when they're born so if you don't break the kid and they manage to grow up OK , you figure you're doing something right. Besides being a new parent, I was also a single parent so had 2 strikes against me. It's a wonder the poor kid made it past her 1st birthday! I have to admit because she was a little thing, I was a tad on the over protective side and didn't let her do a lot of things she probably could have when she could have. It all started when she was 2 years old and broke her wrist jumping on the bed at the neighbors house and didn't tell me til the next morning when she couldn't move it because she knew she wasn't supposed to be jumping on the bed and would get in trouble. Poor kid was in pain but wouldn't tell me cause she was afraid I would beat her! I tell you I was a mean Mommy! I was always afraid she would get hurt so I didn't want to do things like ride a big bike and sure enough, as soon as she started riding a big bike, she hit a hump in the sidewalk, crashed and in the emergency room we went and she ended up with stitches in her knee. (She still bears the scar from that to this day.) Then there was the time she dislocated her shoulder just before cheer leading tryouts but went to tryouts anyway because it was important that she make the squad and she did. The first time i let her walk to school by herself (and this is just a block and a half), I watched her until i couldn't see her anymore and then I must have stood there for an additional five minutes just to make sure nobody grabbed her. DUH!

Over the years she went through all the normal ups and downs of adolescence, became the older sibling to a brother and sister(whom she both loved and terrorized depending on what day of the week it was), discovered boys and did manage to graduate without causing us too much trouble. Shortly after that, she moved to Iowa where she became employed as a dealer on a riverboat casino. Now my first thought when I heard this was of those old movies where the women wore the skimpy dresses with garters and their boobs hanging out and there was nothing but booze and money all over the place and if somebody didn't like something they shot you. I wasn't sure I wanted my daughter working in a place like this. She soon cleared up that misconception and informed my it was a very respectable place to work where she could advance and make good wages. Which she did.
Carrin eventually married and had 3 beautiful children of her own that she gets to practice on. I am very proud of the woman she is today and all the things she has accomplished in her life. She has long since moved on from dealing at the casino and is now working for a firm that invests union pensions.(She's still working with money but in a different way). She's had some hard knocks the past couple years but she hasn't let them beat her down. She's used them to make her a stronger woman. I'd like to think she learned that from me but in all honesty, it comes from my mother and her mother and probably her mother before her. It's a Schuler woman trait and one we should all be proud of. Happy Birthday Baby Girl, You turned out OK even if I didn't know what I was doing half the time. Love Mom

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got My Ears Lowered.

Last night I chopped my hair off! (not me personally-my stylist Lisa did it for me) I have been thinking of doing this for some time now but every time I would show George a picture of the style I wanted he says, "Isn't that a little short, honey?" and I backed down. I have been letting my hair grow for a while now and it was quite long. At least a lot longer than I have had it in a number of years. I normally am a very short haired person. In fact, before I met and married George, I used to wear my hair very short. Every time I went to my stylist I would say, "I would love to just shave it all off, but we'll just trim it today." and then I would walk out of there very unhappy and wishing I had cut it.
Yesterday I went in for my appointment and said "I am tired of this stuff just hanging there. We are going to do something but I have no idea what." I did try to find a picture in this book I had but everything seemed very short to me because I kept thinking about what George would say. Lisa told me to relax, trust her and let her decide what to do. In all fairness to George, I did try to call him before cutting commenced, but he didn't answer the phone, so he didn't get a say in how short we went. When Lisa finished cutting and styling and I looked in the mirror, I could have cried! I absolutely loved it! No wonder I have gone to her for 15 years. This woman knows exactly what I need and does it.
I left a lot lighter in the head and step but knowing I had to go home and show George, I already had the perfect excuse- Lisa's scissors slipped and she had to go this short to correct the problem. I didn't need to worry- first he wasn't even home when I got there and second, he loved it just as much as I did. Men- go figure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's Love Got to Do With It?

They may growl at each other, argue and occasionally smack one another if the other gets a little frisky. But deep down underneath it all you see the love they have for each other. I am talking about my parents who are celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary on August 13th. Growing up I didn't think my parents were married for a while because my dad wasn't really around much. My dad was an over the road truck driver and was gone a lot and when he was home things around our house were always busy and noisy. Mom and dad never seemed to have time to spend alone so when did they have time for themselves and love? They weren't big on public displays of affection so how was I supposed to know how they felt? Over the years as Dad stopped driving truck and was home more often, I would watch them interact and wonder to myself, if they were trying to kill each other or if they really did love each other? I had to stop and ask myself more than once as I watched them," Are they kidding or do they really mean it?" I'm talking about my dad coming into a room, grabbing my mom's butt as she is cooking and her turning around with a knife in her hand and taking a swing at him and swearing while he laughs at her. This was their way of saying I love you.
Then when I turned 18 and was just about to graduate, they did the unthinkable, they had a baby! For God's Sake are they still having sex at their age!!! How embarrassing! I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. What would my friends think? I was just starting to think about sex, I didn't want to think about my parents having it. YUCK! My dad has this saying that he tells all the grand kids and great grand kids now,"If the ceiling fan is on in the living room or kitchen, don't come in. Grandma and I are busy." I shudder to even think about it.
A few years ago, my mom had a stroke and I saw what love is all about. I saw my big strong dad break down and cry and beg my mom to open her eyes and come back to him. Every day since then these two have been back to growling and arguing and smacking each other. Isn't love grand?
As I grew up, married and had my own family, I began to realize that what my mom and dad had was the real thing. They raised five kids ( and believe me if you knew us you'd know that wasn't any picnic),and taught us great morals and values. They gave us wonderful family traditions and memories that will be with us for a lifetime. I will never get 59 years with George but whatever number I do have will be that much greater because of the wonderful role models I have with my Mom and Dad,
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. (Hope the fans are going full speed tomorrow night!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Under Construction

George and I finally decided to begin building the deck we have been talking about for the past 2 years and today was the day. This has been a work in progress actually- one of those things you kind of have to work up to. I used to have a small water pond in this area before, so that came out last year, then we gardually took away all the rock and filled in the hole left from the pond. About a month ago, George brought in sand and filled in the area to prepare it. (The grand kids thought we were the best Grandma and Grandpa cause we made this HUGE sandbox for them!) Then last week he brought home a few pieces of lumber to start the framing which have been laying on the patio ever since. So after George got done working til noon, we made a trip to Wausau to drop off supplies for Chuck's deck and did a little shopping at SAM's, we finally came home and began our deck.
I love my husband dearly, but George and I should never travel together or build anything together. Both these things require giving and receiving directions of one person to the other and both of us want to be the BOSS! George tends to forget I know nothing about the construction business (I grew up on a farm remember?) so I ask a lot of questions and have a lot of opinions on how I want the deck built. Of course George lets me know why that's not gonna happen anytime soon and how stupid an idea it is. This usually leads to us trading a few insults back and forth and then forgetting it until the next time one of us brings something up.
We managed to get the frame done today and tomorrow we will get the decking on and the railing done. If we don't end up killing each other in the process we could be enjoying a drink on our deck by the end of the day tomorrow.
My mother always says, "If it doesn't kill you it"ll make you stronger." We'll see if George and I survive this. One of us could end up buried in the sand under the deck.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Friends and a Glass of Wine....

Or Vodka and Lemonade, Kessler and Coke or even just plain old Bud Light. It doesn't really matter what it is you're drinking, heck you could be drinking water and it wouldn't matter as long as you are with good friends. And that is what I was doing last night. A few of the girls from work and I got together to tip a few and have some laughs at a local establishment after work. We like to call it "Thirsty Thursday" since we go out on a Thursday night and we are usually all a little thirsty when we start out. We try to do this every month if we can manage to find a night that everyone is free.

There are rules to our night out though.
  1. We are not allowed to talk about work
  2. We have to pick a bar outside the city limits so the smokers can smoke
  3. We must all laugh a lot
  4. Everyone must drink alcohol- no soda allowed
  5. No spouses allowed
  6. We talk about sex at some point in the evening- this always seems to come up after we have had a couple of drinks for some reason?

It is a great way to relax, blow off steam and have a great time with friends. Last night the age range was 23 to 55 but it didn't matter, we all had fun. It's amazing how after working with these people all day long you wouldn't think there would be any more to say to them, but we managed to find something to talk about. A few drinks, a little music, some food and good friends. What more can you ask for?

Nobody got rowdy ( although the other Sherry and I did steal chicken wings from the guy across the bar), just kidding we asked before we took them and then we bought him a drink. We did sing a little (no it wasn't Karaoke night) at one point in the evening which should have told us it was time to go home, but at least nobody got up and danced on the bar( which has been known to happen) so I guess we did ok.

Went home with a little buzz on expecting to see my hubby waiting eagerly to ask me how my night was and maybe make out a little. Boy was I sorely disappointed!! He wasn't home at all but instead had taken advantage of my being gone and he went golfing again last night too!!! Me, I fell asleep in the recliner and never did hear him come home.

The girls and I will repeat Thirsty Thursday again next month but I've already told them that from August 21 through October 24, they have to make it any other night but Thursdays. I start school again and my classes are on Thursdays for the first semester so I can't miss classes for drinking. I did that the first time around and that's probably one of the reasons I'm doing college for a second time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My daughter, Carrin just blogged about how none of the 4 children in her house are responsible for anything that happens. They didn't leave the lights on, they didn't spill the milk, and they didn't plug up the toilet. Sounds familiar. I remember hearing that a few years back when their mother was a child growing up in my house along with her sister and brother. They never did any of those things either. It was their other sibling- Nobody.
Now I didn't actually give birth to Nobody, but he was there in our house from the time my children could talk until the time they left home. I know he was my imaginary fourth child and he got the blame for everything.
Nobody left the lights on.
Nobody forgot to close the door when they went outside and let all the bugs is.
Nobody ate the cake that was supposed to be for dessert.
Nobody put the bleach in the washing machine with the colored clothes and made them all spotted.
Nobody left the television on when we went away.
Nobody broke my favorite dish.
Nobody cut Whitney's hair.
Nobody forgot to tell me they were going to be late coming home so I didn't worry.
It's kind of funny,because once all my other children grew up and moved out, so did Nobody. He didn't graduate or get married and he didn't say good-bye when he left, he just simply wasn't there anymore.
I often wondered what ever happened to Nobody and what he was doing all those years? Now I know. He went to live with my daughter.
"Carrin, tell Nobody I said hello will you?"

Monday, August 4, 2008


A few months ago, George took a shovel to the earth in the garden, turned over the dirt a few times then used the tiller to work it all up. We planted some seeds( some more than once thanks to the birds and rabbits) and Viola.... we have produce! There was a lot of weeding in there this year though for some reason. Seems like the weeds were bigger and meaner this year but we got them under control and eventually they were gone. It started with lettuce, which we love by the way and so does my mother in law Mary who comes down and snitches some once in a while. The next thing I knew, George was making loaf after loaf of Zucchini bread and filling my freezing faster than I could say "no way". (I don't like zucchini by the way). Today George brought me cucumbers and carrots. I looked and there are jalapeno peppers, green peppers, onions and tomatoes just about ready. Three of the six cabbages will soon be ready to harvest with the other three right behind them. About the time I go back to school, it will be time to make salsa and freeze vegetables.

We do this every year and every year I tell myself we are going to cut back on the size of the garden and the amount of things we grow. We never do. The stuff we freeze and can, tastes so wonderful in the middle of winter that by the time we get ready to plant the garden the next spring I forget what I had said the year before. So as I look out the back window and see all the beautiful green plants in our garden and watch George water it, I am reminded why we do this year after year, after year, after year....... Oh sorry, I wondered there for a minute.

If you don't have the yard space for a garden, you can always grow a tomato plant or a pepper plant in a flower pot. Do whatever you have to do to have fresh vegetables cause there's nothing better.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I am sleep deprived and a little cranky. Why you ask? It has to do with the fact that I ended up sleeping on the couch out in the living room last night instead of in my nice comfy bed. Again you ask,Why? NOISE! What noise, you ask? HMMM, let's see. When I went to bed last night, all was quiet. I fell asleep and was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden I was jerked awake by something that sounded like a chainsaw being started right beside my ear! When I looked around I found George lying beside me and the noise seemed to be coming from him! He had been golfing earlier in the evening so he wasn't there yet when I went to bed. He snores most of the time anyway but when he has a few drinks it ten times worse and for some reason, last night it was awful! It woke me from a sound sleep and then was so bad I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally had to move out of the bedroom to the living room and even out there could still hear him. Now I snore too, who among us doesn't? Come on, admit it, everyone snores a little and as you get older it becomes louder, but I swear to God, my husband wins hands down!
So last night I end up on the couch, laying in one position all night, cuz you all know you can't spread out on a couch. I am one of those people who like my space when I sleep and I tend to get a little cranky if I can't move around and find that comfortable spot. I would get a little too close to the edge of the couch and would catch myself almost falling off, so that would wake me up. Needless to say when George got up at 5:30 to get ready for work, I too was awake and not because I had to be. Tonight I plan to get a good nights sleep one way or the other, so George beware of duct tape and pincher clothes pins!