Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I am sleep deprived and a little cranky. Why you ask? It has to do with the fact that I ended up sleeping on the couch out in the living room last night instead of in my nice comfy bed. Again you ask,Why? NOISE! What noise, you ask? HMMM, let's see. When I went to bed last night, all was quiet. I fell asleep and was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden I was jerked awake by something that sounded like a chainsaw being started right beside my ear! When I looked around I found George lying beside me and the noise seemed to be coming from him! He had been golfing earlier in the evening so he wasn't there yet when I went to bed. He snores most of the time anyway but when he has a few drinks it ten times worse and for some reason, last night it was awful! It woke me from a sound sleep and then was so bad I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally had to move out of the bedroom to the living room and even out there could still hear him. Now I snore too, who among us doesn't? Come on, admit it, everyone snores a little and as you get older it becomes louder, but I swear to God, my husband wins hands down!
So last night I end up on the couch, laying in one position all night, cuz you all know you can't spread out on a couch. I am one of those people who like my space when I sleep and I tend to get a little cranky if I can't move around and find that comfortable spot. I would get a little too close to the edge of the couch and would catch myself almost falling off, so that would wake me up. Needless to say when George got up at 5:30 to get ready for work, I too was awake and not because I had to be. Tonight I plan to get a good nights sleep one way or the other, so George beware of duct tape and pincher clothes pins!

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Tara said...

Ok so let me just say that you have two count them two spare bedrooms. I know this for a fact because I have slept in both of them. So you really didn't have to sleep on the couch crazy lady.