Friday, February 27, 2009

Poke Me What?

Pikachu- God Bless You.
At least that's how I would have responded
had you said this around me 4 days ago.
Now I know this is a character from Pokemon - a game young kids are playing all over the world. He is the Most loved of all.

Then there is Misty- She is somewhat of a brat but underneath
it all is a good girl

Ash is a 10 year old boy with big dreams
And Brock is the older testosterone male with
a large ego.
Gary-He is very self centered and Ash's rival

Meowth- He is much like Pikachu but can speak English

There is also Jesse and James- 2 kids stuck in
pre teen bodies
These are all Pocket Monsters with special powers to share the world with humans.
There are currently over 150 different characters.
They have 4 different cards that are collected
Basic- depicts creatures that fight for you against Pokemon
Evolution- depict pokemon that are able to evolve into more powerful creatures
Energy- unite with others to create more energy
Trainer- these are used once and then discarded.
Why do I know all this you ask yourself?
My grandson Tegan is turning 9 years old on Sunday 3/1/09 and he asked me to make his birthday cake for his party. (I took a cake decorating class a couple years ago and now do all the cakes for family functions.) He wants a Pokemon cake.
I looked at him in confusion and asked " Poke Me What? "
Tegan: "Pokemom, Grandma"
Me: "what is that and where do I find it?
Tegan then tried to explain what it was all about. At that point, I just said, "Stop! I will look it up on the Internet and go from there." Hence all my knowledge.
So now I am ready and willing to go forth and attempt to create a Pokemon birthday cake worthy of a 9 year old boys praise and adoration. God help me next year, I can only imagine what he'll come up with.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Town USA

It's Writer's Workshop time and that means MamaKat is at it again. Making up prompts for us to chose from to let the creative juices flow. The one I chose this week is:
5.) What made your childhood bearable? Write about it.

I was born and raised in a small town in southern Iowa with a population of about 1400 people. Everyone knew us and we knew everyone. It was one big family. There was no fear of letting your children walk anywhere day or night and back when I was a children there was no drug problem.

We lived a couple blocks form one set of grandparents and about 4 blocks form the other when I was very young so we could always go to their house. Mom would let us walk there whenever we wanted as long as she knew where we were. I did run away to Grandma's once and got in trouble for that but at least I didn't have far to run.

Two house down from me lived my friend Linda and her sister Cindy. My sister and I played with them for hours. If they weren't over at our house we were at theirs. They had this huge weeping willow tree in their backyard that we would grab hold of the branches and swing from. We had one of those big old tractor tires beneath a tree in our backyard and one day we decided to dig a hole inside of this tire and make a swimming pool. So we went in to the house and brought out my moms good spoons and started digging. Took us freakin forever to dig a hole and then we brought the hose down and started to fill this sucker up. Nobody thought to tell us that the water would just soak into the dirt. All we did was get muddy but we had a hell of a good time doing it. Our moms weren't so thrilled ( especially mine when she saw her spoons all bent up) with us being so muddy but as long as we were having fun that's all that mattered.

We would go out to the one swimming pool we had in town (this was a big deal in a town this size) almost every day during the summer. This is where everyone hung out. Then after we were done swimming we would head over to the Parkway Drive In for something to eat. People this is one of those places that had a true carhop that brought your food out on a tray and attached it to the window of your car. later when I was old enough this is one of the places I worked. (does this give you a clue as to how old I am?)

Growing up in Small Town USA wasn't always easy because I couldn't get away with shit. If I did something before I got home, my parents knew I had done it so there was no sense in trying to lie about it. Going to Lovers Lane to make out with my boyfriend was always a bust because the local cop (we had one and he was our neighbor) always seemed to know I was there and he would find us and take me home. I'm surprised I ever managed to have a love life as a teenager. On the other hand it had it's up side too. You always knew there was someone watching out for you and if you needed it they had your back.

So guess this is what it's all about and why I am who I am. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now MamaKat isn't Small Town USA, but head over there anyway to read other stories about special childhood memories and maybe you'll remember your own along the way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Naked Truth

While on vacation, my friend and I often found ourselves in the role of Fashion Police!

When growing up my mother used to tell me "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" Some of the things we saw people wearing at the resort just had nothing nice that could be said about them. They would have been better off going NAKED!

Here are some of the Fashion Offenses we saw in the week we were there.

1. Black Woman- this lady wore nothing that was not the color black- come on lady- it's 90 f-ing degrees outside and you're wearing black? It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been fashionable but usually it was old, faded and something from her mothers generation. Every day we watched for her to see if just maybe she would wear a different color and lo and behold on day she did~ she wore a dark brown shirt with her black skirt!

2. Crochet Lady- this lady had the same dress in different colors. A short shift type dress with a crocheted cover over the top of it. One day it was green, then burgundy, etc. She did spice it up by wearing shorts in between times tho.

3. Tube top Momma- This mother of a young teenager wore what we liked to call a long tube top. Each night we were treated to a different variety. Usually strapless, all very form fitting and extremely short (barely covered the essentials)! Some were leopard print and some were solid in color she wasn't particular that way. She completed the outfit with hooker heels. It was a real treat to see what she had on each night. Linda and I laughed our asses off every night. We did feel sorry for the daughter at first until we saw how she dressed and then decided - like mother- like daughter.

4. Lolita- this little lady probably carried everything she took on vacation in her purse- that's how small it all was. The dresses and skirts she wore barely covered her butt cheeks and if she sneezed we would have seen what the good lord gave her. The tops (if you want to call them that) she wore were either very short or plunged to her navel. She wore white heels with her denim short shorts and a tank top- that's a no no honey!

5. Big Guy- this man thought he was cool without his shirt most of the time and believe me when I say- he wasn't. He had a gut on him that hung over his belt and man boobs that just weren't nice to see. He could have used a good bra to hold them up. Usually when he did wear a shirt he left it half unbuttoned so still saw the belly.

Then there were all the women on the beach wearing bikinis and letting it all hang out! Believe me I'm no prize when it comes to the body but even I know when to duck and hide. Some women just don't care- they put it all out there when on vacation. Maybe it's because they are in a foreign country where no one knows them and they will never see them again.

You see the same with the men too. Little speedos on bodies that should go no where near them and sometimes they are hidden by big ole hairy beer bellies and until they actually walk past you and you see the behind, you wonder if they are wearing anything at all. It's hilarious!

This is our favorite past time when we go on vacation and it amuses us for hours. I a m sure there is someone doing the same thing to us but I don't care. I am confident enough in my style sense that if they do point at me they are probably saying " wow, look at that woman, doesn't she look great?" Conceited? I call it self confident. The day I don't think I look good is the day I go naked.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picky People

Today is Tuesday Tribute so that means I have to write about someone other than me. Sometimes this is hard to do and I curse Jay and Deb because you all know how self centered I am and how it's all about ME! Today though, I have no trouble writing about someone else.

Today I am ready to do battle!

Why are people mean, arrogant and selfish when they go on vacation? Or maybe they are like this all the time and it just gets worse when they are at a resort where they expect people to wait on them.

I just returned from a week at an all inclusive resort in Mexico- I know you all hate me but this isn't about me remember? The staff bent over backward to be accommodating to everyone and the service was wonderful. Yet there were some people who were never satisfied.

My tribute today is to those people who would bitch if they were hung with a new rope that stretched!

These people thought they needed to have someone bring their drinks to them at the bar instead of getting up off their ass and walking up to the bar like everyone else. There was one waitress for the whole room and she/he was always running.

They were not satisfied with their room because it didn't have a good enough view of the ocean. My god people the rooms were all suites that were to die for! And yes you might have to lean over your balcony to look at the ocean but who cares? How much time do you spend in your room anyway?

They thought there should be more night life. The resort had music in the lobby after supper and did a nightly themed musical presentation. There was also a disco opened from 11:30 pm- 2:00 am. If they wanted more they were welcome to go to a local bar.

They weren't happy with the variety of food. There was a buffet restaurant, as well as two specialty (Mexican and Italian) restaurants to choose from. If they couldn't find something to eat they weren't very hungry in my opinion!

If these people came here expecting to be waited on hand and foot then they booked the wrong place and should have booked the Waldorf Astoria ! Next time stay home But please don't spoil my vacation with your whining!

So go on over to Jay and Deb's and check out all the wonderful Tributes or write one of your own. Just remember- you can't talk about yourself! And don't whine if you forget!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Momma Mia!

When I got back from vacation I found a couple really nice blog posts from both my daughters.

In honor of my birthday, one daughter had written an entire post about how much I mean to her and how I have shaped her life. It made me cry to know she sees me this way.

My other daughter, Carrin, honored me in a post where she gave me a Mother of the Year award. This also makes me cry to think she feels I am worthy of this honor.

Of course this award like all others comes with rules that must be followed so here goes:

Rule #1 - Admit that ONE thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are NO LONGER allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

I feel awful that my children had to go through the pain of a divorce. That their lives were turned upside down and split in two when their father and I got divorced. It is never easy and if I could have spared them the pain I would have.

Rule #2 - To remind yourself that you ARE a good mom, list SEVEN things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself of EVERY DAY that you rock!
1. I love the fact they have grown in to independent adults, able to think for themselves. 2. I love that they still call me when they need help. 3. I love that they are all individual of each other yet a family. 4. I love that they still want to spend time with me. 5. I love that they are protective of each other. 6. I love that they have made me proud of them and the choices they have made. 7. I love each of them for who they are.

Rule #3 - Send this to other Moms of the Year that deserve forgiveness and a reminder that they, too, are the best moms they can be!!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you!" 1. Adrienne 2. Paula

I am truly honored by this award and by how both my daughters feel about me. Guess in the mother department I must have done something right. I just loved my children and let them be who they were suppossed to be. That's all a mother can do and hope for the best.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saga of the Suitcase

This is a picture of the four of us on vacation the night we celebrated my birthday (I'm the short one) at a restaurant set in the cliffs high above the ocean.

In the next few blogs I will tell you all about the vacation. Today we start with the story of my suitcase. I have to start by going back two years when I decided the suitcase I was using wasn't big enough any more and I went out and bought a really huge big suitcase that would meet my needs
I found one that was just perfect and I could pack everything I needed into it and still have room left. I was in love!! I then had a carry on that I used and this meant I could buy things on vacation and have room to bring them back! This particular suitcase was going on it's second vacation this year so was still new and as i told you all in a previous post I was not so well prepared this year and was packing frantically at the last minute. I did manage to get everything in there and it was all nicely done (I'm a control freak and like things just so).

We get to the airport that morning and check in. This isall done electronically now (even international flights) so I had to do all the work for them. What are we paying the airlines so
much for I wonder? Anyway after that is done we have to check are bags. Now when my suitcase goes in, it is all in one piece and in good shape right? Remember this for later. We go through the check point and everyone passes this one with flying colors.
Flight is OK and on time and we arrive in Manzanillo, Mexico to 84 degrees and sunshine! We are in heaven and ready to start vacation! First we have to get through customs and get our luggage. Customs is no problem, they look at me, they look at my passport and send me through. Go to get my suitcase and that nice, new piece is now missing a wheel and beat up. Yup, they broke it, so here I am going thump, thump through the airport. next you have to push this button to see if they are going to search your luggage. Red they do, green they don't. I get Red - first time in 10 years of international travel. So up on a table goes poor little suitcase, unzip her and they paw through her looking for god knows what cuz I sure couldn't have put anything illegal in there with the amount of clothes I had stuffed n there. If they knew me they would realize this. So me and my suitcase finally make it to this beautiful resort you see over here. By the way that is my balcony ledge you see in the picture.
This is the view I saw off my balcony every day. Tough to do I know but I suffered just so I could come back and tell you guys how hard it was. My poor battered suitcase sat in the corner of a gorgeous suite on the fifth floor for seven days recuperating form the trauma she endured at the hands of the airline.
We enjoyed many great days of wonderful weather (all about 90 and sunny) and ate and drank great food and alcohol. I will go into that in more detail in future posts for today is all about suitcase. We eventually had to leave paradise and make our way back home for some ungodly reason (no one has really told me why yet) so I had to pull the suitcase back out to repack.
Now this is much easier than the first time because clothes have been worn and I am not so careful in how I fold dirty clothes versus clean ones. Everything was stuffed in there including all the souvenirs, my makeup, curling iron, straight iron, shoes, jewelry, etc. You get the picture- just about everything right? The only thing I put in my carry on was my medication and the ceramic pottery I bought.
We go through the check in process again and they search my luggage this time. I see them tag it and along with my husband's suitcase they are put on the conveyor belt to go on the plane. Next we go through the process of flight preparation. International flights are different than regualr ones becausse they will search you several times before you actually get on the plane. This time we are allin line to have carry on searched again, when I am pulle aside, sent to the head of the line and mine are searched, I am gone over with the wand and they make me take off my shoes, jacket, sunglasses,etc. Do I look like a terrorist? What I turn 55 and suddenly I look scary?? We finally get on the plane and make it back to Minnesota, where it is Freakin cold! What's with the snow people? We get through customs with no problems this time and go to get our luggage.
We stand at the lugage thinga nd it starts up, here comes Hubbs. Then Al's and finally Linda's. We watch and wait but we don't see the cripple suitcase coming through. Eventually all the suitcases are accounted for and the wheel stops going around and stillmine has not come throug. You're kidding me right? This is a joke. Where the F is my suitcase guys??
Now I had to go report this and hope they find it. It's probably off having it's own vacation after all that was done to it. So I will keep you all posted on the sage of the suitcase. I will let you know if and when I get it. For now I am without half my underwear and my make up. Two of the most important things I need. I can probably survive without the underwear but the make up is a must.
Keep you fingers crossed that it shows up soon. All the grandkids souvenirs are in there and I hate to disappoint them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Down and Out

Once again I am facing the unemployment line and looking for work. At least for this weeks Workshop Wednesday at Mamakats cause the prompt I choose is this one:

2.) You were recently laid off. Instead of moping around, you've viewed it as a chance to start fresh. Pick a new career and write about your first day on the job.

"Damn, this is just great!" I mumbled as I slid over and pushed myself up out of the booth, half stumbling as the alcohol hit me. I got laid off today and I need to find a job fast to pay the mountain of bills I have. What's a girl to do?

I figured I had two options. I could find another job I hated like the last one and end up going no where again. Or I could do something I loved and get paid to do it. What do I love you ask? SHOPPING!!!
So I signed on to be a personal shopper for an agency that caters to big name celebrities. I could tell you who they are- but then I'd have to kill you.

My first day was fabulous honey I got to fly to Paris and
shop for this gorgeous handbag and this fabulous Armini
dress. Then it was on to London where I found this to die for Valentino shoe. I was in heaven and didn't have to die to get there!!!! There is nothing better to a true blue SHOPAHOLIC (and ladies I am one) than spending someone else's money.
After an exhausting day of jet setting all over the world (OK until you have tried getting on and off a private jet in several different countries don't tell me it isn't tiring!), I finally made it back home, kicked off my high heels (bought at Target by the way) and opened a bottle of wine to toast my success in finding a new job.
Here's to picking myself up, dusting myself off and getting out there to do something I love. Who knew that I could take an addiction and make a career out of it?

So if you find yourself unemployed and have nothing else to do , head over to Mamkats and read all the great stories over there. Or better yet, write one.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy Date Night

My Tuesday Tribute is to a fun activity that happens every year at this time. A tribute to dads and daughters.

Every year about this time (Valentines Day) my daughter's church puts on Daddy Date Night.

It is for all the Fathers and their Daughters to spend an evening dancing and socializing no matter what their ages.

They have a DJ who plays all kinds of music, punch and cookies, corsages for the girls and a photographer to capture the night in pictures so they will have a reminder forever.

My grand daughters have been going with their dad since they were old enough to toddle and they love it! (so does dad). They get all dressed up in their fanciest dresses (preferably ones that haves full skirts so they twirl when they do spins), their best dancing shoes and fix their hair up with ribbons and bows.

A couple years ago, they decided to include Grandpa George in their Daddy Date Night. I think Daddy Kip felt 3 girls were just too much for him to handle all by himself and he needed to call in some reserves. Whatever the reason, Grandpa was thrilled and the 3 girls thought it was the cat's meow too. He gets dressed up and goes out there and shakes his booty with them til he is so tired he can't move, but he never says no when they want another dance.

I think this is a wonderful idea and gives the dads a special time to spend with their daughters. It gives the moms some alone time where they can relax and do something for themselves and it gives the daughters time to bond with their dads.

As the girls get older they will find other things that interest them and I know from experience that they won't always see eye to eye with their parents. But I am sure come Daddy Date Night, they will put on their prettiest dresses, their best dancing shoes and fix their hair up in ribbons and bows to spend time with their Dad and maybe Grandpa too ( if he can still shake his booty by then).

Now go over to Jay or Debs and read other tributes. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Cha Just Love It?

So how sad is it that I totally spaced my 100th post?

Isn't that supposed to be some kind of milestone in a bloggers life?

I'm supposed to say something profound and wise. Share my vast knowledge of all things bloggy with everyone? Wax poetic about the last 99 posts and how much I have enjoyed meeting new friends. The joys of sharing stories with all of you out there in blogland. The Tuesday Tributes, Workshop Wednesdays, SITS, the giveaways (none of which I ever win by the way) and the awards passed around.

Nope, nada, not this one.

I freakin forget it!!!
I had it all planned out too. I just knew it was going to be a fantastic blog and I couldn't wait to get it out there. Then I space it completely.

Guess the Mexico vacation and school take priority over this blog right now. I never thought I placed you in any particular order but if I had to choose right now it would be this order:

1st - an 4.0 GPA in my international business class (I'ma control freak what can I say)

2nd - get my ass on that plane to Mexico and then on the beach for sun, fun and alcohol!

3rd - (sorry people) keep up on my blogging.

I do hereby solemnly swear that when (and if) I hit the 200 mark I will not only document it big time with a blog but will do a give away too.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Half in the Bag

In just 7 days, I will be laying right there next to that tree. Don't you wish you were going too? I'd offer to let you go in my bag but there's no room.
I started stressing over the packing issue last week already and this was late for me.
How many pairs of shoes to take, which colors, short shorts or long ones, capris and how many, tank tops, shirts with sleeves and dressy shirts. Then there were the sun dresses, long and short, dressy and casual. Which swimsuits and how many. Two piece, one piece or tankinis? Of course there has to be accessories for all of this. Then there's the carry on and what to put in that. My books to read and my camera etc.
I got a pretty good start on it and will finish this weekend with all but the last minute stuff. You know what I'm talking about- the makeup and curling iron I use every day.
So while I'm doing all this, Hubbs is just sitting there. I asked if he was going to pack too?
Nope, I'll do it later was his response. Ok, I know it doesn't take him too long.
Last night I had a conversation with Hubbs.
Me: Did you start to pack yet?
Hubbs: I'm almost done
Me: Wow that didn't take you very long. (I'm a little concerned with what he might have taken since I didn't have any input and he usually doesn't care what he wears so thought I would ask what he packed.) What clothes did you take?
Hubbs: My new shorts and some T-shirts. Couple of dress shirts and my long pants.
Me: did you check the t-shirts before you packed them to make sure they didn't have any stains or anything?
Hubbs: No.
I decide it is easier for me to just repack his suitcase than it is to try to explain it to him. I go in there and I look at my suitcase and then at his. He has 4 pair of shorts, 2 pair of long pants 2 swim trunks, a couple dress shirts and enough t-shirts for the week. He took his sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. All this could easily fit into his carry on alone. Then you look at my suitcase which is filled to overflowing and my carry on. Kind of funny really. The difference between a man and a woman and their needs.
The really funny thing in all this- I won't wear half of the things I take along. But you just never know.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Not God and I Can't Control Everything

I bet you already knew this bit of information didn't you?

I just found out Yesterday!!!

Did you think you were being kind in keeping this from me?

To let me go on thinking I could handle everything life threw at me?

In reality you were being cruel to let me go on living a fantasy where I move through each day totally unaware of how little control I really have on reality.

It all came to head yesterday when I realized that it was the first of the month and I only had 13 more days til my vacation. There was still so much I had to do and so little time to do it that I had to start that day.

I had stayed up way too late the night before and was a tad bit sleep deprived already. So I began the day with a strike against me in the smarts department. Don't start! I already know what comments you want to make and they aren't allowed.

So I have 3 weeks left in my college class, which means I will miss the entire last week, right? So I have to work ahead. I have been working like crazy yo get my report done on time so I can hand it in and get a great grade. I am a little controlling in that way and have reworked this paper a couple times already. Also, I have to take 2 (that's right 2 )tests in the last week so have to do some extra study time for that. All this on top of the regular weekly class work I have to do. And I don't like to settle for anything less than an A GPA.

I needed to do laundry too since I haven't done any for a few months, weeks, days and it was beginning to pile up. So I threw some clothes in the washer between paragraphs of my report and switched them to the dryer during rewrites. I enlisted the help of Hubbs in folding as I hate this part of the laundry.

My grandson,Tegan spent the night with us on Saturday and he wanted to play Webkinz Sunday morning. Of course this meant I had to give up control of my report and my computer. Could I do this? For my grandson of course I could. Besides, I knew it wouldn't take him too long and he would get bored and move on to something else, freeing up my computer. So I helped him adopt his newest Webkinz, a cow he named Chocolate.

Next I realized I had not even started to think about packing my suitcase for the trip yet!!!! Tell me this isn't so? I haven't started my lists yet of the things I need to take and the things I need to do to get ready. No wonder I'm not prepared!!!
I need to get on this right away! I normally have this done and the suitcases by the door 2 weeks before the trip. I haven't even gone through my clothes yet and decided what I'm taking. I still have to hem a sundress and iron clothes that I washed from last summer and just tossed in the iron pile never to be looked at again until needed. Well they're needed now Honey! So I ran downstairs and pulled out the suitcases, blew off the dust and hauled them back upstairs. Then I ransacked my drawers and closets for the next 2 hours ( homework be damned- this was much more important) and packed my suitcase. Hubbs is on his own, but then it only takes him 15 minutes to pack so I'm not too worried about him.

By this time I realize I didn't tan yesterday so I call and see if I can get in today. I can so I run right over (people our tanning beds are in the back of our local restaurant) and for the next 20 minutes I lay in a warm tanning bed and relax while smelling french fries and cheeseburgers. Yum Yum!

Back home, it's time to fix supper and I realize I didn't take anything out of the freeze. Thank Goodness for microwaves. I grab some pork chops and zap those puppies long enough to thaw them out. Then into the oven they go while I throw together a salad and do up some french fries (got a hankering while tanning). Opened a bottle of wine and there's supper.

Cleaned up afterward and that's when I finally got a few minutes to sit. That's when it hit me! What you all knew all along............

I have no control over anything. My life controls me, I don't control it. When did that happen?