Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy Date Night

My Tuesday Tribute is to a fun activity that happens every year at this time. A tribute to dads and daughters.

Every year about this time (Valentines Day) my daughter's church puts on Daddy Date Night.

It is for all the Fathers and their Daughters to spend an evening dancing and socializing no matter what their ages.

They have a DJ who plays all kinds of music, punch and cookies, corsages for the girls and a photographer to capture the night in pictures so they will have a reminder forever.

My grand daughters have been going with their dad since they were old enough to toddle and they love it! (so does dad). They get all dressed up in their fanciest dresses (preferably ones that haves full skirts so they twirl when they do spins), their best dancing shoes and fix their hair up with ribbons and bows.

A couple years ago, they decided to include Grandpa George in their Daddy Date Night. I think Daddy Kip felt 3 girls were just too much for him to handle all by himself and he needed to call in some reserves. Whatever the reason, Grandpa was thrilled and the 3 girls thought it was the cat's meow too. He gets dressed up and goes out there and shakes his booty with them til he is so tired he can't move, but he never says no when they want another dance.

I think this is a wonderful idea and gives the dads a special time to spend with their daughters. It gives the moms some alone time where they can relax and do something for themselves and it gives the daughters time to bond with their dads.

As the girls get older they will find other things that interest them and I know from experience that they won't always see eye to eye with their parents. But I am sure come Daddy Date Night, they will put on their prettiest dresses, their best dancing shoes and fix their hair up in ribbons and bows to spend time with their Dad and maybe Grandpa too ( if he can still shake his booty by then).

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Jane! said...

How fun! When my daughter was in Girl Scouts they used to do a Daddy/Daughter hoe down kind of thingy. It was held in a big barn-like center and they square danced and wore western clothing. They had an absolute blast. Sadly I haven't seen anything else like it.

Brenda said...

What a wonderful tradition.

Debbie said...

That is a great idea! Any daddy/daughter thing is always special.

John, Jessica and Emma said...

That is so neat and I am sure they always have fun!!

I can't wait till Emma/John can do that!!


Deb said...

oh how sweet!! i don't think i ever did anything like that with my dad. i think it is just adorable that they include gramps! too funny.

Julie said...

What a wonderful event!! So special! I would've loved that as a kid.

Halftime Lessons said...

Ive been informed that my first Daddy Daughter dance is coming up. Fortunately, I am friends with two other Daddys that swear we can smuggle in a keg.

Im really looking forward to it...this was a neat post, Sheri!!


binks said...

What a great idea. What great memories those girls will have.

tijana said...

i want to know what day it is!

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