Monday, October 26, 2009

The Company I Keep

This is my favorite time of year!

I start to think about Halloween and buying candy for the little ones who will come knocking on my door begging for a handful.

I think about deer hunting and how my big strong hubbs will go up north to the shack and bag us a "big" one for the freezer for food the winter. Just kidding, if he brings one home I have to help clean it and there's nothing nastier than that!!

I also think about Thanksgiving and turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Pumpkin pie for dessert and everyone taking a nap later after they have stuffed themselves silly.

But the biggest reason this is my all time FAVORITE time of the year? It is MOA time!!!

Every year at this time, my sisters and our daughters get together for a 4 day girl's weekend at the Mall of America in Minnesota and we literally shop, eat, drink and laugh til we drop all 4 days! It is such a great time! There is not a male or a child in sight and because we are out of town and no one knows us we can act however we want (as long as it doesn't get us arrested) and it's OK.
I count the days all year and look forward to the next weekend the minute this one is over. It is marked on my calendar and I always make sure I save vacation days for this trip.

I believe this is year 10 or it could be 11, it really doesn't matter. We have had baby showers, celebrated the end of marriages and the beginnings of relationships and just celebrated because we were all together. Sometimes we have gone to Broadway shows and other times we just sit in our jammies and watch movies. That's the point- it doesn't matter what we do- we have fun doing it because we're together.

Poor Hubbs has gotten used to the damage I do to the credit cards after all this time and doesn't say much. I do come home with a lot of my Christmas shopping done for the grand kids so it isn't a total bust. I also come home refreshed, renewed and ready to face whatever challenges life throws at me. Oh and I start marking the days off til the next trip. Can't start planning too soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Take a moment sometime during the month of October to think of someone you know who has Breast Cancer. Maybe it's a sister, an aunt, your mother, a friend or maybe it's yourself.
Now say a prayer for that person and then ask yourself what you can do to help them and their family during this time.
Perhaps if this person had known about and done self breast exams every month they may have discovered that lump before it had spread so far and become cancerous. Maybe if they had insurance and could have afforded the mammogram they would have seen the lump and had it removed before they had to have their whole breast removed instead.

Tell a friend, a co-worker, your neighbor or your sister about self breast exams and mammograms. Offer to do the buddy system and go with them if they are afraid to go to the doctor alone. Do whatever it takes to make sure every female you know takes care of "THE GIRLS"
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Please wear Pink to show you care.