Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Perfect 10

Wow, the end of 2009! Another year has come and gone and I ask myself what have I done?

Let me list the things that make this year a good one for me.

1. I am still breathing which means I am healthy.

2. I am still happily married- I can't speak for Hubbs but since he is

still here I would say he is too.

3. We added to our family this year in with a daughter in law, a

grandson and a son-in-law (wedding is June 2010).

4. We will have a new grandchild added in the new year, so our family

continues to grow.

5. I am still gainfully employed (at least for now) but if they catch me

blogging instead of working I might be looking for work soon.

6. Shared many great moments with our families

in Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska.

7. I have made new friendships that I am enjoying.

8. I love my old friends and am so blessed to have them in my life every day.

9. I have wonderful children and grand children that I love and who love me. What more could I ask for?

So there you are. 2009 was a great year for me and I am looking forward to 2010 as it can only get better!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a Feeling I Have

Christmas is only 8 days away people! Just in case you've been living in outer space and haven't realized it yourself. Are you one of those last minute types? Don't have a thing bought yet, wait til Christmas Eve to do your shopping and hope for good sales? Or are you like me?

I have had my tree up and decorated since Thanksgiving weekend. I actually had 2/3 of my presents bought by the first weekend in November. They were all wrapped and under the tree by the first week of December and all my Christmas cards were mailed out the first weekend of December as well. I baked cookies with friends this past weekend so that's all done and out of the way. Now I just sit back and wait for it all to be over with. The only thing I am missing...... that Christmas Spirit.

This year I have no Christmas spirit! I could care less about the holiday. I am ready and have everything done but I am not excited and don't care if it comes or goes. What is wrong with me?? Usually I am so excited to buy presents for the grand kids and can't wait to show Hubbs what I've bought! This year it was a chore more than a pleasure. This year I just wanted to get finished before I even got started. Those who know me, know I am a die hard shopper and live for this so for me to not want to shop is serious business! We might want to think about intervention!!!!

Maybe sometime between now and next week I will get a visit from the Christmas Fairy and suddenly I will feel the spirit again. I hope so because for me that's what it's all about. That laughter, joy and happiness of the family being together to celebrate.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year