Friday, February 6, 2009

Half in the Bag

In just 7 days, I will be laying right there next to that tree. Don't you wish you were going too? I'd offer to let you go in my bag but there's no room.
I started stressing over the packing issue last week already and this was late for me.
How many pairs of shoes to take, which colors, short shorts or long ones, capris and how many, tank tops, shirts with sleeves and dressy shirts. Then there were the sun dresses, long and short, dressy and casual. Which swimsuits and how many. Two piece, one piece or tankinis? Of course there has to be accessories for all of this. Then there's the carry on and what to put in that. My books to read and my camera etc.
I got a pretty good start on it and will finish this weekend with all but the last minute stuff. You know what I'm talking about- the makeup and curling iron I use every day.
So while I'm doing all this, Hubbs is just sitting there. I asked if he was going to pack too?
Nope, I'll do it later was his response. Ok, I know it doesn't take him too long.
Last night I had a conversation with Hubbs.
Me: Did you start to pack yet?
Hubbs: I'm almost done
Me: Wow that didn't take you very long. (I'm a little concerned with what he might have taken since I didn't have any input and he usually doesn't care what he wears so thought I would ask what he packed.) What clothes did you take?
Hubbs: My new shorts and some T-shirts. Couple of dress shirts and my long pants.
Me: did you check the t-shirts before you packed them to make sure they didn't have any stains or anything?
Hubbs: No.
I decide it is easier for me to just repack his suitcase than it is to try to explain it to him. I go in there and I look at my suitcase and then at his. He has 4 pair of shorts, 2 pair of long pants 2 swim trunks, a couple dress shirts and enough t-shirts for the week. He took his sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. All this could easily fit into his carry on alone. Then you look at my suitcase which is filled to overflowing and my carry on. Kind of funny really. The difference between a man and a woman and their needs.
The really funny thing in all this- I won't wear half of the things I take along. But you just never know.


Jane! said...

And no matter how much you take you will really want what you don't have, right?
I always vow that I'm going to pack like a man for vacation and end up with way too many clothes.
My hub on the other hand packs all kinds of junk that we 'might need'.
Did I mention that I'm jealous?

Carrin said...

make sure you leave room in your suitcase for the things you buy while you're there!

Debbie said...

I'm trying to still like you as you plan this trip. I really am:)

binks said...

I always pack half my closet too. Sometimes, it just sucks to be a girl.