Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picky People

Today is Tuesday Tribute so that means I have to write about someone other than me. Sometimes this is hard to do and I curse Jay and Deb because you all know how self centered I am and how it's all about ME! Today though, I have no trouble writing about someone else.

Today I am ready to do battle!

Why are people mean, arrogant and selfish when they go on vacation? Or maybe they are like this all the time and it just gets worse when they are at a resort where they expect people to wait on them.

I just returned from a week at an all inclusive resort in Mexico- I know you all hate me but this isn't about me remember? The staff bent over backward to be accommodating to everyone and the service was wonderful. Yet there were some people who were never satisfied.

My tribute today is to those people who would bitch if they were hung with a new rope that stretched!

These people thought they needed to have someone bring their drinks to them at the bar instead of getting up off their ass and walking up to the bar like everyone else. There was one waitress for the whole room and she/he was always running.

They were not satisfied with their room because it didn't have a good enough view of the ocean. My god people the rooms were all suites that were to die for! And yes you might have to lean over your balcony to look at the ocean but who cares? How much time do you spend in your room anyway?

They thought there should be more night life. The resort had music in the lobby after supper and did a nightly themed musical presentation. There was also a disco opened from 11:30 pm- 2:00 am. If they wanted more they were welcome to go to a local bar.

They weren't happy with the variety of food. There was a buffet restaurant, as well as two specialty (Mexican and Italian) restaurants to choose from. If they couldn't find something to eat they weren't very hungry in my opinion!

If these people came here expecting to be waited on hand and foot then they booked the wrong place and should have booked the Waldorf Astoria ! Next time stay home But please don't spoil my vacation with your whining!

So go on over to Jay and Deb's and check out all the wonderful Tributes or write one of your own. Just remember- you can't talk about yourself! And don't whine if you forget!


Debbie said...

How is it humanly possible to not be satisfied in a place like that? I felt guilty for the pampering when we were on our cruise. Oh sure, I lapped it up - but there was teeny bit of guilt under there too:)

Jane! said...

Sounds like they should have done their homework before they booked their vacation. But some people are never satisfied.

Brenda said...

Picky complainers drive me nuts as well. They are usually basically unhappy and its best to stay away from them.

Jenni Jiggety said...

That is one of my biggest vacation pet peeves! Some people just have no class at all...

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...


binks said...

I really think that some people aren't happy unless they are complaning. They are so used to doing it all day, every day, they don't even realize they are doing it. I am always getting strange looks from wait staff because I am constantly saying thank you. I guess it was the years of no vacations when I was a single mom that makes me extremely grateful now for every trip.