Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will You Marry Me?

That's the question Harley asked Ruth 60 years ago and she answered, "yes". Yesterday, they renewed those vows before family and friends and it was a wonderful thing to witness. They still bring joy and laughter to each others lives and are a perfect compliment to one another. They have 3 children who now have families of their own and were there to share in their happiness.

Many friends and family members came from all over to share their day with them, including my husband and I. I'm glad we did even though we had to travel a couple hours to get there and I had to Map quest the directions (remember my husband and I don't travel well together when there are directions involved). Regardless, we made it to our destination, checked into our hotel, changed and found the supper club where the event was being held. First people we met as we came in were my sister in law Cathy and her husband Al, Then it was non stop one relative after another, Tom and Kitty, Jeannette and Junior, Bill and Donna, John and Carol, Dave and Muffy, Dick and Karen, Barb and John and on and on. Of course the one person that wasn't there and should have been, was my mother in law,Mary. She ended up in the hospital on Friday and was unable to go so I was the designated photographer to record the event for her.

Everyone socialized for a couple hours and then Ruth and Harley renewed their vows and we ate supper. The meal was really quite good and there was plenty of it. Of course the Bride and Groom were interrupted several times during their meal by the clinking of silverware on glasses to kiss. A bit of trivia- this is a Wisconsin thing because where I grew up in Iowa if you do this they look at you like you've lost your mind. There was dessert and a cake made by their grand daughter, Amanda. There were a few speeches made by friends and family and one little secret was finally told after many years by Bill. He thought his parents could finally handle it and he wouldn't get in trouble.
After supper people stuck around for a while to catch up some more and talk to those people they hadn't gotten to talk to before supper. Plans were made for future get togethers, email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged and hugs all around. Slowly people started drifting out the door to go home (or in our case back to our hotel) for the night. A good time was had by all and we wish Ruth and Harley many more happy years together.

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