Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My daughter, Carrin just blogged about how none of the 4 children in her house are responsible for anything that happens. They didn't leave the lights on, they didn't spill the milk, and they didn't plug up the toilet. Sounds familiar. I remember hearing that a few years back when their mother was a child growing up in my house along with her sister and brother. They never did any of those things either. It was their other sibling- Nobody.
Now I didn't actually give birth to Nobody, but he was there in our house from the time my children could talk until the time they left home. I know he was my imaginary fourth child and he got the blame for everything.
Nobody left the lights on.
Nobody forgot to close the door when they went outside and let all the bugs is.
Nobody ate the cake that was supposed to be for dessert.
Nobody put the bleach in the washing machine with the colored clothes and made them all spotted.
Nobody left the television on when we went away.
Nobody broke my favorite dish.
Nobody cut Whitney's hair.
Nobody forgot to tell me they were going to be late coming home so I didn't worry.
It's kind of funny,because once all my other children grew up and moved out, so did Nobody. He didn't graduate or get married and he didn't say good-bye when he left, he just simply wasn't there anymore.
I often wondered what ever happened to Nobody and what he was doing all those years? Now I know. He went to live with my daughter.
"Carrin, tell Nobody I said hello will you?"

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Carrin said...

You know, I don't mind the extra company! But I just wish every once and a while Nobody could do the dishes!