Saturday, August 9, 2008

Under Construction

George and I finally decided to begin building the deck we have been talking about for the past 2 years and today was the day. This has been a work in progress actually- one of those things you kind of have to work up to. I used to have a small water pond in this area before, so that came out last year, then we gardually took away all the rock and filled in the hole left from the pond. About a month ago, George brought in sand and filled in the area to prepare it. (The grand kids thought we were the best Grandma and Grandpa cause we made this HUGE sandbox for them!) Then last week he brought home a few pieces of lumber to start the framing which have been laying on the patio ever since. So after George got done working til noon, we made a trip to Wausau to drop off supplies for Chuck's deck and did a little shopping at SAM's, we finally came home and began our deck.
I love my husband dearly, but George and I should never travel together or build anything together. Both these things require giving and receiving directions of one person to the other and both of us want to be the BOSS! George tends to forget I know nothing about the construction business (I grew up on a farm remember?) so I ask a lot of questions and have a lot of opinions on how I want the deck built. Of course George lets me know why that's not gonna happen anytime soon and how stupid an idea it is. This usually leads to us trading a few insults back and forth and then forgetting it until the next time one of us brings something up.
We managed to get the frame done today and tomorrow we will get the decking on and the railing done. If we don't end up killing each other in the process we could be enjoying a drink on our deck by the end of the day tomorrow.
My mother always says, "If it doesn't kill you it"ll make you stronger." We'll see if George and I survive this. One of us could end up buried in the sand under the deck.

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