Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Name Game

What's in a name? We all have them. They are given to us at birth by our parents and we carry them for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we are named for other family members and sometimes we are named after celebrities. We don't always like the names we are given and sometimes we will shorten them or even legally change them. Some peoples names are more outrageous than others and some are downright weird.
But we don't stop there- we name our pets too. The family dog is Lucy, Binty or Hampton, the cat is Thomas or Chelsea. The hamster might be Oliver and the rabbit is Pepper.
I understand why we name our children and our pets (after all we can't say hey you or call them cat all the time) but I don't quite understand why my daughter Tara must name her fish Michael (which we ate by the way) or my granddaughter Sydney must name all her farm animals (which usually end up eaten also). Do you see a trend here guys? Sydney named the pigs Hooky and Pinky (he was all black by the way), the cow was Fred, the goats all had names that I can't remember and now they are getting a new cow named Gloria. She would name all the chickens too if there weren't so many. They all meet the same fate sooner or later (they end up in my freezer and later on my table) so to me it is pointless to give them a name but to her each of them has a personality so they get a name. She has an amazing imagination and just has to look at them to know what their name should be!


Tara said...

Is this just a blank post? I'm confused?

Sheri and George said...

Nope just hit enter before I had completed it so had to edit. Read it now