Friday, October 3, 2008

Chew On This

OK so last night was class and when we got there, instead of doing our assignment like we were expecting, our instructor proceeded to chew our ass big time! This is a Marketing Principles class and a big part of our grade is this huge marketing project that we are doing for the City of Marshfield. We are creating a brochure and a web page link to encourage people to volunteer for government committee opportunities. (They are actually going to use it when we are finished). We were divided up, 2 people were in charge overall, 2 people were Layout for the brochure, 2 people were IT for the web page link, and the other 14 people had 2 committees each that they had to attend a meeting and then interview the chairperson for information to put into the brochure. Each committee also has a mission statement and short blurb on the City of Marshfield web page that these 14 people could have gotten information from. We are now down to our last 3 classes and last night was to have been the final ad layout as Mike and I (we are the IT part) have a meeting on Tuesday to turn the brochure into a link to the city's web page. Imagine our surprise when our leaders and instructor told us we had to pretty much start over because most of the people had not attended any meetings like they were supposed to and most of the information they gave for the brochure was WRONG!!! Was Diane (our instructor) livid or what? So for the next 3 hours we went through the brochure page by page and corrected everything so it could get to the printer and the IT department next week. I'm glad I wasn't one of those people who was responsible for a committee- this is worth 90 points of our grade and they just blew it. My 90 points are still safe. The upside to last night? We were supposed to review 4 chapters for an exam next week and we didn't have time-Sooooo- she knocked one chapter off the exam and made it an open book exam!

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