Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mother of the Year-NOT

Lately my oldest daughter has been doing a "Tell All Tuesday" blog and two of her recent blogs have made me stop and wonder if there was something missing in my children's lives as they were growing up. I always thought I was doing a good job of raising them. I worked full time while they were young and they went to a sitter but I tried to make up for that in other ways, Now as I read Carrin's blogs I guess I know why I never won Mother of the Year. Maybe I just remember things differently. I remember the one day a week I had off being a play day with my kids instead of the day I cleaned my house ( I could always do that but I didn't always get to play with my kids). I remember tucking them into their beds every night, giving them big hugs and kisses and telling them how much I loved them. I remembe when bath time meant I was wetter then the kids were and they were the ones in the water! I remember I used to bake homemade bread and cookies, I made home cooked dinners (none of this microwave stuff for my kids) every night for supper, I sewed their clothes for them (obviously their Halloween costumes didn't make an impression though) and I had birthday parties for them with all their friends. Our house was the place all their friends wanted to hang out. I remember a lot of laughter and good times as they were growing up. We might not have decorated the outside of our house for Halloween or Christmas but we certainly celebrated the holiday. I always did cookies and candy and put decorations up on the inside.
Carrin I can't believe you don't remember reading books as a child or the Halloween costumes I made you. What do you rememeber?


The Dreyer Family said...

I remember being in bed at night giggleing adn getting yelled at and told "go to sleep girls".

Carrin said...

I never intended those post to offend you. I was telling of certain things that I remembered apparently I dodn't have the best memory.

Tara said...

Ok in defense of my mother, I do remember Christmases being awesome. We always had candies and cookies, I don't remember getting to help make them, but I do remember eating them. And I do remember always talking Mom and Dad into letting us open our presents early. But I have to admit I don't really remember Halloween. I don't remember any costumes, but then again Halloween has never been my favorite holiday so I think that part is my own fault. I do remember going trick or treating a when we were younger and I think we ended up at Marianna and Roger's for some reason. I could be wrong about that. Maybe it was just a one time thing. But I do have some great memories from my child hood. Maybe Carrin was just raised by a different family.