Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat

Look there is Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Jasmine, a Ninja, a Unicorn, a Bride, and a Dragon. Am I in Disney Land, I've always wanted to go there? Wait pinch me and see if I'm awake? OUCH, I didn't mean that literally! That's gonna leave a bruise. I'm not in Disney Land, I'm in Kip and Jennifer's garage and at their annual Halloween Party!

Every year for at least the past 3 now, Jennifer has turned their garage into a spectacular Halloween Haven and put on a wonderful party for both children and adults. She decorates the garage from top to bottom with things she makes (Yup, she's crafty as hell) from ideas she gets out of magazines. Then they have this amazing maze for the kids to go thru. Last year it was made from cardboard boxes (but they kept falling down) and this year they made it with straw bales. They put lights on the inside so the kids won't get too scared to go in (but she also puts blinky heads and skeletons in there too). She makes goody bags for each kid to take home with them filled with all kinds of stuff.

There are games to play and hidey holes for kids to find as well as many places to run, jump and climb. There is no end to the many things the kids can do and not once in all the time they were there was there one fight or argument amongst the kids.

Meanwhile the adults are enjoying themselves talking and eating and drinking because they don't have to constantly be monitoring the children who are having too much fun to be whining and crying and wanting Mom and Dad. Works out well for all involved. Can somebody say, Genius, Jennifer.

Eventually it's time to eat and let me tell you no one goes hungry here! There was turkey sandwiches as the main dish and then all the extras. Pickle wraps, wieners in BBQ sauce, spinach dip, chips, veggies, cheese, crackers, cupcakes, pretzels, punch. You name it and it was probably there and with a Halloween theme to it.

I have to say I don't know where Jennifer gets the energy sometimes. She worked nights this weekend, has the 3S's to chase after, is home schooling Sydney, they are now milking a cow (Gloria), she is remodeling her bathroom (just got it finished enough to use right before the party) and planned a party on top of this. Where does she find the time? This weekend she is putting together a birthday party for Sydney Jo. Maybe I should check her to see if she is running on energizer batteries. I'm tired just writing about it. Wait, she was dressed as a witch at the party- maybe she's Bewitched and she just twitches her nose to make it all happen. Hmmmm!

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Carrin said...

WOW! Sounds lioke she has way too much energy! I didn't know she was home schooling!