Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Joys of Grandparenting

We babysat the 3S's (Sydney, Sadie and Sailor) on Friday night. Jennifer works nights in the emergency room every other weekend and Kip had to get up early Saturday morning and go into work for a while so the girls spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa. I came home form work Friday night and found my house already in total disarray. It seems Grandpa had left a door ajar earlier and we had Ladybug and stink bug visitors so they had the vacum out and had rid the house of the unwanted invaders but failed to put the vacum away again. I nearly tripped on it coming into the kitchen when I got home. Then there were Madi Gras beads from one end of the house to the other. Sailor is obsessed with these beads and will wear every one there is in the house and there are a lot! (I won't tell you what I had to do to get these beads at bowling tournaments, it's better you don't know.) The three girls and Grandpa were all watching cartoons when I arrived home after stopping to purchase the movie Enchanted for them to watch that evening.
Sydney Jo tells me: We have that movie.
Me: We don't and I thought it would be fun to watch it.
Sydney Jo: We've seen it and don't want to see it again. Can you get something else?
Me: No, we're watching this one.
Sadie: I don't like that movie.
By this time I'm thinking I'm really batting a thousand here and what I thought was a nice thing is turning into a disaster so I quit while I'm somewhat ahead and decide to start supper.
We sit down to eat and this is what I hear:
Sydney Jo (making a face): What's that?
Grandpa: Ring Bologna
Sydney Jo: I've never had that before is it good?
Me: Yes, very good try it.
Sydney Jo: My mom never makes this for us. She never ate this before either.
Grandpa: I think she ate this when she was little.
The next things we knew, her plate was clean and she was asking for more bologna so guess she liked it. Sadie on the other hand ate everything but the bologna.
After supper they played for a while with a few squabbles thrown in here and there and then we did watch the movie until bed time. Got them all in their jammies and tucked into bed (they all sleep in one bed when they stay over) with hugs and kissses all the way around and lights out.
The next sound I heard was silence.... What bliss.
They are wonderful little girls and we love having them with us once in a while. I have come to understand why were are parents when we are young- I do not have the energy to chase after kids now that I did when I was a mother.

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