Thursday, October 9, 2008

From a Boy to a Man

Yesterday, Tegan asked George and I to take him shopping so he could buy his mom (Carla) a birthday present. (Don't tell anyone but she turns the BIG 30 today!) So we headed into Marshfield after work (No Carrin we did not go to Target so your relationship is safe) and the mall. Tegan had decided on what he wanted to get her and what stores he had seen these particular items at (she hasn't opened her gifts yet so I can't tell you what he got her) so off we went in search of the perfect gift from an 8 year old son to his mom.
As we enter the mall and pass the new restaurant, World Buffet we get a running commentary from Tegan.
Tegan: I've eaten there lots of times. Have you?
George: Nope, Grandma and I haven't eaten there yet. Is it good?
Tegan: Yes, really good. My mom and I like it a lot.

We then pass a pickup truck parked in the middle of the mall on display by the Chevy dealer and the conversation goes like this:
Tegan: Grandpa that would be a good truck for you
George: You think I need one?
Teagn: Yup, yours is full of holes and is really loud when you start it.

We proceed to the Tea Shop and after much looking around at all the Webkinz, balloons, Halloween decorations and everything else that might catch the eye of an 8 year old boy, we made the purchase we came in the store to make in the first place. We then moved on to the next store and finished our shopping.
We are hungry by this time and we decide to go to Perkins for supper before getting the gift bag and card to finish things. Now Tegan "always" has the chocolate chip pancakes when we go here without fail. Last night though he decides he needs the adult menu.
Me: So chocolate chip pancakes buddy?
Teagn: (Looking at the adult menu) No I would like a ham and cheese omelet, hash browns( he actually called them those little skinny potatoes) and a muffin.
Me: That's a lot of food, are you sure you can eat it all?
Tegan: Grandma, I know. I ate it once when I was here with my mom.
Me: OK then if that's what you want.
He ordered it and ate 85% of it. I was impressed.
So somehow while we weren't looking Tegan went from a little boy to a young man. He is growing up right before our very eyes. Shopping for his mom, giving Grandpa advice and ordering from the adult menu. What's next- dating?


Tara said...

Well if he hangs out with Noah and TJ it could be drinking.

The Dreyer Family said...

Well if he is anything like his cousin's, Jace and Noah, he will drinking soon.

Carrin said...

I will not let the kids read this post. i still make them order off the kids menu!