Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miss(ed) Manners

So last night after work I stopped at Target (yes Carrin I couldn't wait to make my first move) to get a few things. They are doing an extensive remodel of our local store so there is only one door to both enter and exit through right now. As I walked across the parking lot there was a group of 6 young men and 1 young woman about 16 years old also walking toward the store. They were pushing and shoving each other as young people do and joking around loudly. We all reached the entrance at the same time and who do you think had to give way to the other party? I was actually at the door a second before them but had I not stepped out of the way, I would have gotten trampled on as they came thru because they were too busy with their game of pushing and shoving to notice me. There were no "excuse mes" or "thanks yous" from any of them as they went by just " who has money? I want a latte." ( we now have a Starbucks in our Target).
I shook it off and proceeded to stroll down the newly renovated aisles trying to find my way around (oohing and ahhing at how pretty Target looks). I was back by the book department and immersed in reading about a really good book when who should I hear but the Rude 7. I couldn't see them yet but I could sure hear them loud and clear. Next thing I know they are right next to me in the CD/Music department still pushing and shoving, grabbing CDs and yelling at each other that they should buy this CD cause it's only $11.99 and it's really good! Then one guy picks up this other guy (he's really small) and starts carrying him around the store like a baby. You have to realize they are not contained in a small neat group, they are taking up the whole aisle as they are walking. They are not saying excuse me or I'm sorry, the other people are having to walk around them! What is wrong with this picture?? Where is the common etiquette that is taught when you are a child? I'm almost positve their mothers taught them to say please and thank you and excuse me when they were little- all mothers do. Please do not disrupte my pleasant shopping experience with your rudeness. If you must behave this way in public- do it at a time I do not shop.

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Carrin said...

I knew you hussies would be all over Target! We are only on a break!