Friday, September 12, 2008

Stress Free Zone

I have declared today a "Stress Free Zone!" Nothing and No one is allowed to stress me out (including myself).
Last night we had our first exam at school and I was so stressed about it for 2 days before hand that once it was over I was a wreck! It was a multiple choice test with 66 questions but you could only answer 50 of them (You could answer all 66 but she would only grade you on 50). Of course I had more than 50 answers so then I had to chose which ones to give up. Do you know what kind of agony that causes? What if I give up an answer that is correct and leave one that is wrong? I started to second guess myself and finally just had to cut 16 questions and hope I made the right choice. Now I have to wait until after work to find out what my grade is because I can't access the grade website form my computer at work due to security measures. We are now halfway through our Marketing class- wow can you believe that? So after all that stress I am making today a fun day- after all-IT'S FRIDAY!

UPDATE: I got 44 out of 50 and an A-! WooHoo!!!

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