Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's A Girl!

Mark and Astrid are happy to announce the addition of a new baby girl to their family! Her name is Missy and she is a beautiful dark haired little girl with big eyes. Mother and daughter are doing well and dad's OK too. The boys are delighted to have a little sister to play with and I'm sure she will be spoiled rotten. I think she looks like Mark but we'll see after she gets a little older. Just kidding Mark.
Actually, Mark and Astrid and the boys are getting a Miniature Pincher puppy who was just born recently. I was with Astrid when they were in Phillips in July and met Missy's mom who was pregnant with the puppies at the time. She was a very gently dog and extremely friendly so if Missy is anything like her mother they will have a good dog.
I have enclosed a couple of pictures that Mark sent me so that you all can see their newest addition. Mark and Astrid didn't say where they are registered for the baby gifts but both Target and Walmart have a wide variety of doggy stuff to choose from. They also didn't say when (or how) she will get from Phillips to St Louis when the time comes for her to travel to her new home. I'll bring her down there if you want me to- I could use another vacation. Oh that's right I'm going on one. Darn. Can I take another one and come see you too?
Good luck with the middle of the night crying and whining, the potty training and the jealousy amongst the other children. Not to mention the cats.(they're bigger than the dog and could eat her for breakfast). Congratulations you guys.

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