Friday, September 26, 2008

Muskie Season

Only in Wisconsin do we have a season to hunt fish! But these babies get so big on Lake Dardis that you just have to get out there and take a few out of the lake or they would take over. Every year around the end of September or the first part of October, for the last 6-7 years the Annual Ralph Chrouser Muskie Tournament has been held on Lake Dardis from the Chrouser Cottage. I have never been allowed to participate in this tournament. A little over a year ago I caught my first Muskie (a 37 incher) by accident and have had the fever ever since. I have begged to get a muskie rod and be allowed to fish in the tournament. Not gonna happen. You see this tournament has been established for quite some time and there are rules.
1. You must have a partner- everybody has already hooked up and no body new wants to fish
but me- so no partner
2. You must have a boat- We don't own a boat and the one at the cottage is already spoken for-
so unless I go buy a new boat- no boat.
3. You must have a Muskie rod- now I have begged for one and asked for one as a Christmas
present but still don't have one- so little hard to fish for muskies without one.
I have been asked to go along for the weekend though. When I asked what I would do while all of them were out fishing, George offhandedly said " you can make breakfast and have it ready for us when we come in." What do you think my reply to that was? (I would probably get kicked off the blog page if I tried printing what I really said) It went something like this-I can't fish in the tournament but I can come up there and cook and clean for you? Don't think so baby!!! I'm sure this man wanted to take these words back as soon as they came out of his mouth! So will I go or will I stay? Any bets?


The Dreyer Family said...

Well if you did have a pole I am guessing where it would be!!!!!

Carrin said...

Smelly boys or alone time??? Gather the credit cards and shop til you drop!

Tara said...

Well now that I have become a tried and true fisherwoman, I could come and be your partner. You get the boat and a couple of muskie rods, and I will be your partner next year if you want. A nice muskie would look good with my picture of Michael.