Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Pack Is Back

Although if you want to get technical the Pack never went any where (only one player did). I thought the team played very well last night as a whole and I thought Aaron Rodgers played very well for his first game as a starting quarterback. Hey we beat the VIkings didn't we? I just wish the announcers would have used Brett Favre's name a little less often every time Rodgers did something. Is it fair to compare him to Favre all the time? Give the guy a break would ya! I am so tired of every one thinking the Packers won't be able to make it with out Brett or wanting to become a Jets fan because that's who "Broadway Brett" plays for now. I am a true Packer fan and not just a Brett Favre fan (although I thought he was an incredible player and was a fan) . I back the team through good, bad, and ugly not just because they may have a good player and I don't turn my back on them because that player may leave. Hell I loved Ahman Green and hated it when he left but I didn't stop watching the Packers because of it. I just picked another player to focus on as my favorite (AJ Hawk's my man now) and continue to cheer them on. Did Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy make a bad decision when they let Brett go? Maybe, but Brett wasn't blameless in all this either. He made a choice to retire and then changed his mind after everyone had already moved on. Did you think they wouldn't be a little put out Brett? Now it's all over and done with and as my daughter likes to say "build a bridge and get over it."
The Packers have their first victory of the season with Rodgers at the helm so I say:
"Go Pack Go!"


Tara said...

I totally agree. Go Pack. It's not a one man team, and we might not have a championship year this year, but we are Pack, and have bad times in the past. It's about time we moved on without Brett. (I was a fan too, but hope that we do better then the Jets this year just to prove we don't need Brett). Go Pack Go!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you sheri! i'm a packer fan through and through and i think rodgers is doing great, although i also wish they wouldn't compare him so much, poor guy can't poop without being compared to favre!