Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grab Your Balls!

Let's Go Bowling! Tonight is the start of the fall men's and women's bowling league at Rose Bowl Lanes. At 6:15 tonight you will hear the hum of the pin setters staring up on the lanes, the guys out there with the machines oiling the lanes down and the staff setting everything up before all the bowlers get there. Then the bar will fill up as the bowlers start coming to have that first drink and prepare for the start of another bowling season. They'll pay their locker fee so they can get their bags out of hock, pull out their smelly bowling shoes and put them on, clean their balls with alcohol(rubbing that is) and take a few practice throws. There is nothing like hearing the ball roll down the alley, connect with the pins and all of them falling down! STRIKE!!! For the past several years both George and I have bowled on these leagues every Thursday night. Since I decided to go back to school I dropped down to subbing for my team but still managed to get a fair amount of bowling in (every one wants a night off once in a while). This year is different though because my classes are on Thursday nights. So for at least the first 8 weeks, I won't even be able to sub. I am so sad. I will really miss all my drinking buddies (and we do a really good job of this too) and my bowling buddies too. I will have to stop down after school and have a couple with the girls (and George and the boys too) and once I have finished this class in October I can grab my balls and start bowling with my team.

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