Monday, September 22, 2008


This is where I lived in my past life. I was Miss SaraBeth Merryweather
daughter of a wealthy sugar cane grower and this was our plantation. I had my coming out here surrounded by many garden parties and dances attended by all the most eligible beaus from the neighboring plantations. Actually this is a plantation named Oak Alley(for the beautiful alley of live oak trees that go from the front door all the way to the Mississippi River.
George and I went to New Orleans to visit my best friend Gayle and her fiance John last weekend and we took a tour of this fabulous place! I fell in love with it and told George and Gayle I must have lived here in a previous life because I could see myself walking the grounds with my beaus and having garden parties. I could also see myself strolling along the grounds of the estate wearing the dresses with the big hoop skirts and carrying the one of
the parasols. There was so much history here and it was absolutely amazing!
Next up was a steamboat trip down the Mississippi. We boarded a boat called the Natchez for a 2 hour tour (the Skipper,Gilligan, Marianne, the Professor- oh sorry wrong show). We saw lots of interesting sights as we went along the French Quarter. There was St Louis Cathedral, the docks where they unloaded the ships, a big refinery and lots of huge ships all the way up and down the river.
We ate on the boat and the meal was great. We had fried chicken,
red beans and rice, jambalaya, and bread pudding. I have never
had some of the southern food so it was an experience for me. We even got to see a Yacht that had been sunk due to Gustav. That
was cool!

This is my friend Gayle and her finace John. They are so cool. they opened their home to us for 4 days and showed us their city. They make great tour guides!

Thia is a picture of the Cape Kennedy that was docked in the Mississippi.
It was one of two ships there. This was kind of neat to see up close.

On to the French Quarter and Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and Cafe AuLait! This is a must when you visit New Orleans along with a Muffuletta. This is a huge sandwhich made of several different kinds of meat with an olive spread and cheese. It is very very good!
There was always plenty of entertainment up and down the streets of the french quarter and here is a picture of a groups of musicians playing jazz outside on the street. People stopped to listen and drop money in their horn case. It was what I imagined New Orleans to be like.
Then it was Sunday and time to pack up and come home but not before we had a Rally burger and fries! We had so many new and great experiences with Gayle and John and Lena (their dog) and I can't wait to go back for more. You may be far away my friend but you're always in my heart.

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Carrin said...

I think that mansion is where they filmed Forest Gump.