Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Madness

What's that Noise? Can't be the alarm already I just went to bed! Crap it's Monday. Where did weekend go? George shut that damn thing off already I don't have to get up for another half hour!
6:00 and time for me to roll out of bed and start the week day ritual. Brush my teeth, take a shower, shave my legs and armpits, dry my hair. curl my hair, put on make up and then figure out what I'm going to wear. For those of you who have seen my closet, you know this can be quite a mind boggling chore. For those of you who haven't, trust me it can take a while to make a decision.
Men have it easy and in my next life I am coming back as a man so it will only take me 20 minutes to get ready. George rolls out of bed, showers, combs his hair(doesn't need to blow dry it), puts his contacts in, throws on the first things he grabs out of the closet (no heavy thought process involved) and he's out the door. Total time: 20-22 minutes.
Next thought process for this morning is standing at the open fridge trying to figure out what I want to take for lunch. We don't have a fridge at work so I have to carry a little insulated tote bag with my lunch and use a microwave to heat anything so I have to keep this in mind when making my selection. HMMM, what am I hungry for? That's a hard decision to make at 6:45 am in the morning. Not really thinking about lunch and what I might want to eat at that time of the morning. Nothing really appeals to me but gotta take something cause I don't want to have to trek half way across the country to the cafeteria to buy my lunch (we are located in a separate building from the main clinic and no where near the cafeteria so it's quite hike and takes half your lunchtime to get there and back). OK got my lunch figured out, got myself all together and now I'm ready to go to work and all this in just 50 minutes and without coffee people, isn't that amazing? Another Monday morning with all it's madness and I haven't even gotten to work yet. Can't wait to see what waits for me there. I live for Fridays.

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