Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reality Check

It's Writers Workshop Wednesday again over at MamaKat's and this week I have chosen the prompt:

3.) If you had to star in a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?

Now I don't watch all of the reality shows out there (there are way too many and way too many weird ones) but I do watch a few. I even have a couple that I am obsessed with but don't tell anyone OK?

First there is The Bachelorette- I would love to think I could star on this show- wear all the fabulous clothes. Live in the mansion, go to all the exotic locations and have the full attention of 25 gorgeous men! Alas, I am happily married so this eliminates this show. Damn!

Second there is Top Chef-I could chop, saute, puree, bake and cook with the best of them. I just couldn't stab you in the back at the same time to win the show. Pack up your knives and leave the show.

Third there is Americas Next Top Model- OK who am I trying to kid here right? I am only 4'11" and Old! Hello you have to be a skinny bitch for this one with a face that would stop trucks (that one I could probably do but not for the right reasons). I'm not in the running to become Americas next top model.

Fourth we have Real Housewives of Orange County- Now this one I do have some qualifications for. I am a housewife (but on this show you really don't have to be cause not all of them are married) and I live in a county. I could spend money like it's going out of style, drink champagne on yachts and party with the best of them. I would have no problem spending 2.5 mil on a house or $2300 on a dress and $1000 on a pair of shoes and jewelry puh-lease. Bling is my favorite subject. The only disqualification I have for this show- I don't have the money it takes so guess not babe- Not gonna be the new girl this season.

Fifth and final one- Project Runway- I love this show because I love to sew. My mom used to make all of our clothes when I was little and then she taught me to sew and I made my children's clothes. I also made Barbie doll clothes, brides maid dresses, winter coats and wedding dresses. So I have a vested interest in this show. I pick apart their clothes and I criticize how they make them. I could do so much better and that is why I should star on it. I would be so FIERCE!
There would be no stopping me and I would totally rock the show to the very end! Just ask my children (they always loved my clothes) Of course they had no choice when they were little but as they got older they sometimes asked me to make them things so guess it wasn't too bad.
So One Day you're In and One Day you're Out. I'm IN!


Shala said...

I wish that I could sew something. I made a pillow one time in home ec and it was awful! I would love to be one of the "housewives" too but I have the same problem that you do!

Carrin said...

I guess that hobbie never did rub off on me! Sorry Mom! You just do it so much better than I ever could so I'll just LET you do it.

Kelly said...

I would love to be on Top Chef..but I don't know how to cook. Oh Well. My mom also sewed and I did not pick up her hobby. I still bring her things to be repaired! Ha.

blueviolet said...

Now you should post some pics of some of your creations!

Jenners said...

Stopping by on my tour of MamaKat's writing workshop! We are reality show twins! I wrote on the same prompt -- but you have way more skills than I do. Didn't you hate Kenley?

Debbie said...

You would so rock any of these shows! I can see you taking those housewives down.