Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conversatin with a Mouse

It's Wednasday so that means it's Writer's Workshop time over at Mamakats. Here are todays prompts:1.) Allergies much?
2.) Worst dentist experience ever.
3.) Describe a "new road" you've taken in your life.
4.) What would you say to a mouse who could talk?
5.) Who is the best listener you know? What makes him or her such a good listener

I thought it would be fun to do #4. so the following is my conversation with a mouse. After reading mine, head over to Mamakats blog and check out all the other great stories that are posted there.

As I was cleaning my house the other day (and now we all know this is a fantasy because I don't clean my own house) I stumbled across atiny mouse in the corner of my closet. She was making herself a house there for the winter.

Me: Miss Mouse, what are you doing in my house?

Mouse: It's too cold to be outside so I thought I would live in your lovely house for the winter.

Me: OK, but there are some ground rules if this is gonna happen. Think you can handle that?

Mouse: What kind of rules?

Me: #1. If you're gonna live in my house you can't be pooping where ever the hell you want. Learn to use the toilet! I'm not cleaning up after you.
#2. No chewing holes in the bottom of the boxes of food when you're hungry. Open the damn things like the rest of us! If you have trouble ask.
#3. Don't be running around and scratching in the walls at all hours of the night! Some of us have to work in the morning. If you must do that, do it during the day.
#4. I'm not running a damn daycare here so if you insist on having so damn many babies, find some where else to take them.
Any questions or problems with these rules?

Mouse: I can live with all your rules. No problem. I just have a few requests of my own.
#1. Would you get a volumizing conditioner the next time you go to the store? My hair needs a little plumping and the stuff you use is crap.
#2. I would prefer the wheat crackers to the plain ones. They're better for my diet ( you know fiber- that poop thing). Oh and would you get the sharp cheddar cheese please?
#3. Would you leave the remote for one of your many TVs where I can reach it so I can watch my soaps during the day? It's pretty boring around here with nothing to do all day!
#4. Oh and talking about noise at night, could you and your husband keep it down too? Talk about loud!! Geez!

So me and Miss Mouse struck a deal, shook hands or paws or whatever and she stayed there for the winter. This is what I imagine a conversation with a mouse might be like if they could talk.


Carrin said...

Good Story!

Mama Dawg said...

Sounds like a good deal on both parts!

Mama Wheaton said...

Was the mouse implying that you snore or something more personal?