Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 inches!

OK get your minds out of the gutter! I'm not talking about my Hubby or any other man for that matter! That would just be fantasy wouldn't it???

I'm talking that lovely white stuff called SNOW!
Last night while we slept, those nasty little snow fairies decided to make an appearance. They didn't just want to say HI, they wanted to wanted to make a real impression and they did.

Actually the snow started yesterday morning about 11:00 am. Hubby and I had to play Santa's little elves and finish our shopping and it was no picnic driving into town. There were a couple of moments where the car started sliding and I closed my eyes and started praying.

It went something like this: "Jesus Christ Honey just get there in one piece and I promise I won't kill you."

2 1/2 hours and 3 stores later and we started back home. By this time we can only travel about 40 miles an hour and everyone keeps hitting the brakes because the person in front of them does. This is due to the very first person in the lead being afraid that the road might be slippery in certain spots so they slow down periodically. Don't they know this causes more accidents than if they just would drive at one speed?? A trip that normally takes about 12 minutes to make now takes us almost 25 minutes! Unbelievable!!!

This morning after breakfast, Hubby went to get the plow to clear the driveway. He was just going to shovel until he got out there and saw how much snow there was and how heavy it was.
Guess it would be good snowman snow but I just can't see me getting all bundled up and going out there and making a snowman. Nope, not gonna happen.

Me, I plan on grabbing a good book or maybe a movie and sitting in front of the fire all day. Who knows, I might even stay in my jammies all day. Just that kind of day.

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Debbie said...

A PJ day and 6 inches of snow sound good to me. Again, just raining here.