Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home Alone

I'm sitting at home
With nothing to DO!
Except sit at the computer
And blog for all you.

Due to Miss Staph and Miss Strep
These two little bugs,
My body at home,
Has been laid out by these thugs!

I'm not used to inactivity
It's driving me CRAZY!!!
This being at home all day
Is making me lazy!

I sleep until eight
Drink coffee, watch soaps
Sit home all day long,
Feel sorry and mope.

So please release me
Back to work SOON?
Before I become,
A total, complete, absolute LOON!!!


Carrin said...

Hope you get better soon!
Think of all the shopping you could be doing!

Debbie said...

How could you be a loon and write such a cute poem! Feel better soon.