Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deck the Halls (and anyone else that gets in my way)

Man I hate going out to the stores this time of year! Even the grocery stores are nasty right now! Case in point- Hubby and I went to do our grocery shopping at 6:00 pm Friday night (this is not our usual time to do this but we were literally out of everything and had no choice) thinking we could get in, get what we needed and get out.

First of all everyone and their dog were in the damn store at this time of night! This is supper time for cripes sake, what the hell are people doing buying groceries now??? Then it seems the store thinks this is the optimal time of day to restock their shelves and the produce. There are boxes all over the aisles and stock people standing around talking and laughing. That's right, I said standing around. Not restocking as they were supposed to be doing but in groups of 2 and 3 having a good time and taking up more space so you couldn't get through with your cart. Where is your Customer Service people?????

I went in armed with all my coupons to get their "deals" so of course when I went to get what was on special, they were all out. WTF? Where are the people who were supposed to be restocking the shelves? Couldn't they be putting more of these specials back on the shelves so I could buy them??? Sorry but there is a limited supply and once they are gone they don't restock. Of course, that explains why these people are just standing around. There is nothing to restock the shelves with.

As we continued through the store, people cut us off as we came out of the aisles, grabbed things off the shelf just as I reached for them and never once said, "sorry" and were just plain rude.

We finally got everything we needed by which time I am so angry,hungry and ready to get the hell out of there and go home that I could just scream. We are headed for the checkout lanes of which there are a whole 3 open when miracle of miracles, they decide to open one right as we get there!! Someone up there does like me. I am2 steps away from the lane when some lady bangs her cart into mine, pushes her way into the lane and starts unloading her groceries onto the counter. I feel my arm slowly moving forward to grab her and I know I am seconds from decking her when hubby (bless his wonderful heart) grabs me and says " it's OK honey, we're not in any hurry." Of course as I turn to glare at him with a look that could kill and inform him that even if he isn't I am cause it's after 7:00 pm and I'm hungry, another cart pushes their way in front of us!!! At this point I just want to cry but would settle for a good stiff drink, all the while wondering where the hell these people's Christmas spirit is?

I look at them, smile and say, Merry Christmas, all the while I am thinking " I hope you get run over by reindeer in the parking lot!"


Debbie said...

Ah, the joys of Christmas. Makes you all warm and fuzzy feeling doesn't it? Oh, maybe that's just the spiced rum kicking in.

Carrin said...

I love shopping, you know this, I got it from you. However, I hate shopping this time of year! I'm so happy I'm done!