Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th

The weekend is over, the car is unpacked, leftovers are put away, dirty clothes have been taken out of the suitcases and put into the washing machine and the sadness starts to creep in.

What an absolutely wonderful weekend it was too! The weather was warm and sunny all weekend, there was plenty of great food and beverage to go around and FAMILY in and out all weekend! That's our brother Mark in the upper right hand picture telling everyone "HI" from St Louis. As you can see they are just about start the chicken cooking along with the guidance of brothers George, Mark, Dick and Pete. In the meantime the rest of the family gathered to chat and watch the kids play in the lake. They thought the water was warm enough to splash around in and have fun in while waiting for supper.
Astrid and I hit the Arts and Craft Fair on Friday morning which is a tradition in Phillips on the July 4th weekend. This year it was a total bust so we hit Harbor View for Bloody Mary's and conversation instead while George and Mark went golfing. After supper we all went over to the Probst's for fireworks. They put on an awesome show too, even including all of us in the finale! The last box of fireworks was not packed properly and when it was lit, it fired low and into the crowd rather than into the sky. Everyone scattered fast believe me!!

Next up, Colin and Autmn's Wedding in Lincoln, NE!!!

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