Saturday, July 26, 2008


So last night George and I went out for supper and decided to stop at Rocky's(Stratford's local watering hole) for a couple drinks afterward to wind down our week. Seems lately, Stratford is the "Happenin" place to be for night life. Thursday night, Mary's Time Out had the cops there to forcefully eject a young under age drinker. He had a fake ID to get him in there in the first place then got found out and asked to leave but verbally declined and got a little physical, so they called the local law enforcement for back up. Then that same night on the other end of town at Country Aire, two young ladieswere playing pool, got into a fight along with a male of unknown name. They took it outside along with the pool sticks and the females ended up getting beat with the pool sticks by the guy who then took off. Last night at Rocky's was a little quieter, just a young lady who was a little (no make that a LOT) drunk and loud, but in a funny way. She kept the bar entertained and made us old people laugh with her antics. She was drinking the Mystery Shots and mixing her alcohol which is never a good thing to do. She was telling stories and singing along with the jukebox. She remembered me from 9 years ago when I worked at the chiropractors office before I married George, which I found amazing considering how much she had to drink. She started out at the opposite end of the bar from us when we first got there but by the time we left, she had moved down to our end so she didn't have to yell.
I remember when I used to go out and get drunk, close down the bars at 2:00, go to some one's house for a party after that, then go home change clothes and go to work on maybe 2 hours sleep. Only to do it all over again the next night! Of course we all know that was a long time ago and now if I did that, it would take me a week to recover! George and I tried getting drunk on our last vacation (and we did a good job of it too) just because we were on vacation and had nothing else to do, but the next day we didn't have the energy to do any thing but lay around the beach and the hot sun just made us want to drink more. So not one of our more brilliant ideas.
We did have a good time last night sitting in Rocky's (with all 8 customers) listening to this young lady and being grateful it wasn't me that was going to wake up with the hangover the next day. There was no loud head banging music being played and no big crowds pushing and shoving, just a small town bar where you could have a conversation with the person next to you without having to shout to be heard. Life in small town America is pretty good.

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