Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proud Grandma

Meet Morgan, my granddaughter from Nebraska. She is 7 years old and the bane of my daughter's existence. You all know that curse mothers put on their children? The one where they go "Someday I hope you have a child just as naughty as you are!" Well this is hers and she is just as naughty as my daughter was, if not worse and I love it! Morgan is in dance class and recently had her recital,hence the picture . You didn't think my daughter dressed her like this everyday did you?? Although Morgan probably would love it. When my daughter's family moved into their new house, Morgan was the first to meet all the neighbors and make friends. She maybe couldn't tell what their name was but they were all her friends and she knew where they lived. She is more concerned about making friends in school then she is about making good grades- let's hope that changes as she gets older or her hopes for college are null and void.

Meet Megan, this is my 11 year old Nebraska granddaughter. she is also a dancer and just participated in her dance recital. She loves Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop and last year got to do a duet with a young man. She is a beautiful young girl who is growing up very fast. She inherited her grandmothers love of shopping and I often look for unusual shoes or purses for her when I go somewhere special to shop. She can usually talk me into buying her something if she is with me when I am shopping. What can I say, I'm a push over when it comes to the grandchildren! Megan is doing very well in school this year and played volleyball for the first time this year. She was a cheerleader last year also. Next thing you know, she'll be driving and dating!! Won't that be fun? Then her mom will know what I went thru with her. Of course she'll tell you she was the perfect daughter and never gave me a moments trouble. Don't believe a word of it!!!

I also have a grandson named Noah who is 9 years old but I don't have a picture of him to put in here because he wasn't in a dance recital recently and all the ones I have are old ones. My dad calls him the Professor because he is so smart. This kid knows things someone that age should not know. He loves reading and watching shows about history and knowledge. He also likes to golf and goes along with Grandpa George and and Uncle Whitney when they golf. I think he could easily graduate at the age of 12 and go on to college if my daughter would let him. All his teachers love him and the ones that don't have him in their classes, want him. He is laid back and so relaxed and things very seldom bother him. He does have the most gorgeous eye lashes tho and is very handsome if I do say so myself. Am I biased? Absolutely!

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Carrin said...

Yeah, I have to admit they are pretty cute kids!
Love Carrin