Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Quit!

Have you ever wished you could resign from the Human Race because everyone you came in contact with was being down right STUPID and you didn't want anyone to know you were part of such a group?
Today I wished I could be a dog or cat or even a fish. Anything but a human because the ones I was associating with today were so totally ignorant it was embarrassing! Maybe the Brain Eaters came in overnight and sucked their brains out or maybe they didn't take their smart pills this morning. Whatever it was, it was awful!!! They asked the dumbest questions and I wanted to say "did you hear what you just asked?" or they came to me with things they had done many times before wanting to know how to do them? Hello??? It actually got to a point today where I wanted to put a sign on my door that said permanently out to lunch and hide under my desk with a flashlight and a book for the rest of the day so I didn't have to deal with them. I swear to God the hands on the clock were saying Idiot instead of Tick Tock and were going at a snail's pace to make the agony that much more excruciating and unbearable! I was so glad when it was finally time to leave and go home. I didn't have to deal with anymore Stupid people- unless of course George didn't take his smart pills this morning either then God help him cause he's in for a world of trouble!!! Let's hope tomorrow everyone takes their smart pills and I can be proud to be part of the Human race again. Otherwise put a leash on me, call me Rascal and walk me twice a day,cause I'm gonna be a dog.

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