Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"Life isn't how you survive the storm, it's how you dance in the Rain!"
I have this quote taped to my computer where I can see it everyday to remind me that life is all about what you do with your life rather than how you look at it. I like to treat each day like it is the last one I might have and I embrace it with enthusiasm. If I wake up every morning, this alone makes it a great day already. I tell myself that if I smile at every person I meet and wish them a good morning they in turn will do the same with the next person they meet and so on. This is called paying it forward. If you do a good turn for someone you feel so much better about yourself and they feel good about themselves because someone made them feel good. Today I listened to a friend at work who needed someone to talk to. I didn't have any answers for her and couldn't fix her problem, but I just listened to her and that's what she needed. When she was done talking, she had a smile on her face and felt better.
Last night George went to watch Tegan play his last baseball game and then we watched Sydney, Sadie and Sailor while Jennifer and Kip were at work. We are planning a trip to New Orleans in September and a trip somewhere warm in February. We are going to the cottage this weekend to do a little fishing and we are taking Mary along with us since she doesn't like to drive herself anymore. I take a trip twice a year with my sisters and daughters just to have fun and shop. George and I make a 7 1/2 hour trip at least 4 times a year to see my Mom and Dad and my kids who live in Iowa and Nebraska. I love having Thanksgiving and Easter dinner with the whole family. Why you might ask? Because we can. Because we are alive. because this is how we dance in the Rain. Life is way too short so when a storm passes thru, do tap dance, do a two step, do the twist, it really doesn't matter what kind of dance you do as long as you dance like there's no tomorrow!

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