Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Up Yours

Today I am wearing Indian Underwear!
Don't know what that is? It is underwear that creeps up the cheeks of your butt and right into the crack of your ASS! Sneaky little devil that it is, it does this when you least expect it and when you really can't do anything about it.

I know there are underwear made to be worn like this called Thongs and on occasion I wear them. Today is not one of those days. This underwear is not supposed to be there and is not at all comfortable there.

For instance, I was standing there talking to my supervisor when all of a sudden, BINGO! You guessed it, underwear in the butt crack and I couldn't pick it out. No nice why to do that and hold a conversation with the boss is there? Finally finish and run back to my office where I pull those nasty fellas outta there as best I could and carry on.

Next up, walking down the hall with people all around and there they go again! Almost made me want to shake my hips to see if they would fall back into place but then I remembered where i was and stopped just in time. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed what had just happened but no one was looking at me funny so guess not. Quick stop in the bathroom to remedy the problem and off I went again.

This happened a couple more times throughout the day until I just wanted to take the damn things off and go without! At least that way I wouldn't have to be shifting them around every ten minutes! Why can't someone make women's underwear that stay where they are supposed to? I think I am going to take a roll of duct tape to work with me- that ought to solve the problem next time it happens!


binks said...

I've been thinking the same thing for years.

Either it is creeping up your butt or cutting the circulation off in your upper thighs.

Interested in starting an underwear business?

Debbie said...

You are right. There is very little good underwear out there. And I am not venturing into thong territory.

Dreyer Drama said...

Haven't you seen the commercials for Hanes? The one where the woman are doing the underwear dance? There is an underwear out there that isn't supposed to creak up.

Carrin said...

Just take them off!
Think of how much money you will save if you just don't wear any!

Oh but mom, I always wear claen underwear in case I'm in an accident!