Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alphabet Soup (with Crackers)

You have to be just a little crackers to want to play this game and I actually begged, , pleaded volunteered after I saw it on one of my new favorite blogs.

Jane at Emptying the Nest played this game using the letter V and did a great job. Had me laughing my butt off so when she asked if anyone wanted to play, I raised my hand and said ME! ME! ME!
The rules of the game are as follows: You have to list 10 of your favorite things, but they have to start with a certain letter assigned to you by the blog owner. Since we are just new blog friends, Jane must have taken pity on me becasue she did not give me one of those UGLY letters like U, Q, or X. She gave me M. So let us begin the alphabet game.

1. Macaroni (and cheese)- this is my favorite comfort food. I will make a whole box of this when ever the hubbs is going to be gone. This will be my meal of choice whenever I don't want to cook anything else. I love to make this homemade, using 3 cheeses. The gooyer (is this even a word?) the better.

2. Mojitos- My drink of choice right now. Made with rum and mint it is soooooo good! Give me this with macaroni and cheese and I'm a happy camper. I have now found a bottled version by Bacardi so don't even have to take the time to mix them. How sweet is that?? Try them you might come over to my side.

3. Millionaire- Hell no I'm not one, Yet. I keep hoping to one day win the Powerball and every week I give them my $5 like clockwork. So far they have just taken it and haven't given anything back except a measly $4 or $7 here and there. Every girl has to have a dream right and mine is towin that million some day. Let ya'all know when it happens.

4. Mirrors- Something that on one day can be my best friend and the next my worst enemy. Why is it that I can look in a mirror one day and love what I see and the next time I want to throw a shoe through it? I swear to God I have funhouse mirrors in my house! Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

5. Mama, Mommy, Mom, Mother- all these words are me and have come out of my children's mouths at varying stages of their lives when they have wanted or needed me. It doesn't define who or what I am (I am so much more on any given day) but I love being a mother. The one that means the most would have to be Mama because it's the first time the said my name.

6. Men o pause- a nasty phase all women go through so I'm really not sure why they named it after men. Although if you break it down and look at it the way I have it here maybe they are really telling men they should pause before engaging us in anything during this time. Thank God I am done with all this.I am sure hubbs thanks him too.

7. Meltdown- Somthing I have been known to have on occassion when under extreme stress! This has been known to occur when travelling with Hubbs, building something with Hubbs, planning a large family gathering (which I am doing right now) or during school (which I start next week).

8. Marriage- I love being married to Hubbs. He is my soul mate and completes me. No matter what I say about him in my blog without him I would be lost. I highly recommend it to everyone.

9. Many- the number of blessings I have in my life between my HUbbs, my children, grand children, family and friends.

10. Migraine- I thought halfway through this list I would maybe get a migraine trying to finish but it really wasn't that hard. Thanks to the several mojitos I have drank and the macaroni and cheese I have eaten. I feel no pain.

So anyone out there that would like to play the game. Let me know and I will give you a lovely letter. Come on don't be afraid.


Jane! said...

I love the mmmmmojitos, too, but I can't say I ever loved a migraine.
Great job! Or should I say muy... oh heck, I can't think of any good adjectives that start with M.

Carrin said...

I will play but don't give an ugly letter!

binks said...

Good job!
I am way into 1 and 3 - preferably together.
It must've been the contractor, my house has fun house mirrors too!