Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Jay over at Halftime Lessons, a new blog I've started obsessing over stalking following has created something fun and new in the same spirit as MamaKat's Workshop Wednesdays. He is calling it Tuesday Tributes and it is all about saying something about other people- nice or not/

The one thing you can not talk about is yourself. I know, What the hell is this all about? I need that attention people!! How do you expect me to survive if no one is talking about me and if I don't talk about me- no one will!!!! Oh alright, I suppose I can make it one day without all that adulation.

I debated long and hard whether to be nice or naughty with my first Tuesday Tribute- Naughty won. So here goes.........

I do not mean to offend any one from Illinois but what the hell is wrong with your Governor? Was he like this when you voted for him?

Does he not get how much trouble he is in? He just keeps on doing whatever he wants and damn the consequences. Sort of like a 2 year old that has been told he can not do something then does it anyway all the while looking at you to see if you are watching.

I am tired of seeing him on TV, in the newspaper and the Internet. Waving and smiling like he doesn't have a care in the world. Does he think if he pretends everything is OK it will be? What planet does he live on? You are under arrest and facing impeachment idiot! Deal with reality!

Like the child he is acting like, he didn't listen, appointed Burres and now we have to untangle that mess. Someone needs to give him a potch on the butt and stand him in the corner for a time out. Grow up Blagojevich!


Deb said...

good job! you've got the right idea... not all tributes have to be nice... i've had many of the same thoughts you expressed in your post. i think he needs to get a clue, to say the least!

thanks for playing along and see you next tuesday!

Debbie said...

Now don't get me started on those politicians. Can we not find decent people to elect? I am fed up with it.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

LMAO Fantastic...I am cracking up...yours is the first political rage of the TT campaign...I loved it!!

And WHAT is that guy thinking??

How BIG an ego do you have to have??

Sigh...I'm giving up...starting my own country...called Switzanada.

GREAT post, and loved finding another redhead!! ;-)

Thanks SO much for being a part of this Inaugural Tuesday's Tribute!!


binks said...

That IS the gift that keeps on giving - giving a hard time that is.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

His hair is the worst offense of all.