Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Girl and Her Dog

Today's Tribute is dedicated to Buddy (my daughter Bear's) dog.

He celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday January 25th.


Buddy has brought a lot of love and laughter into Bear's life since he came to live with her.

He gives her unconditional love, in return for just being there every day and feeding him.

When Bear comes home from work at night he covers her face with kisses to show how happy he is to see her and how much he missed her. Then he will run circles around her and jump in and out of her lap several times before he finally settles down.

He has little dog syndrome, where he thinks there is a BIG dog inside of him and he will take on the biggest dog he comes face to face with. At our family Christmas, my niece brought her St. Bernard and Buddy thought he was just as big. Can you see it? This little guy nose to nose with a St Bernard??? I kid you not, and the St Bernard backed down!

He is also in LOVE! That's right Buddy has not one but 2 girlfriends! He thinks the dogs next door are just the next best thing since sliced bread and whenever they are outside he puts up such a ruckus to go out. Then he runs back and forth along side the fence "courting them". It is true Puppy Love.

Buddy likes, Red Bull, food of any kind and his alcohol (he's been known to drink wine on occasion), but most of all, Buddy likes Bear. I pay tribute to Buddy for all the changes and happiness he has brought to her life since he has come to live with her.

Happy first birthday Buddy!

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Deb said...

awwww... i did a pup tribute today, too!

buddy is adorable. and is obviously smitten with your daughter!

Debbie said...

Buddy is so cute! I love a good drinking dog.

Sera said...

What a cutie. Would it be appropriate to call him a booze hound? ;)

Tara said...

Thanks Mama, That is really sweet, and every word of it is true!! He has brought me so much love, and laughter. I can't imagine life without him!! You forgot to mention that he has a naughty streak in him. Though. That is kind of what makes him him!!

Halftime Lessons said...

I love little dogs that think they are huge...so much fun. Nice post!!


PS - want a beagle?

Debbie said...

Had to come back to tell you I love the new look. Didn't recognize it at first as even being your blog. And you know change is hard on me - but this one I like.

Fragrant Liar said...

That little dog looks just like a stuffed animal. Very cute and cuddly -- and so white!

Pets can have such awesome affects on us. Such little loves.

Anonymous said...

What a great post and an adorable picture!!

VeRonda said...

LOL! Go Buddy... Its your birthday!