Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grilling Out

Tuesday's Tribute by Jay and Deb is all about something or someone other than yourself.
Good or bad it doesn't matter what your tribute is, as long as you don't talk about yourself.

Close your eyes and open your mouth. Now take a bite and as you slowly chew, savor the delicious mouth watering taste of the juicy beef fresh off the grill. Can you taste it? Isn't it wonderful?

Last night we grilled hamburgers out on the grill for the first time since last fall. There is nothing better than the taste of that first hamburger cooked on the grill after winter has gone. I live in Wisconsin where the winters are long, hard and produce lots of snow so usually my grill is buried from November until March. When the temperature reached 60 yesterday, I called Hubbs and said, "crank up the grill, we're cooking out tonight!" Those burgers were the best things I have eaten in a long time. Since we have a short time frame to enjoy the grill, we use it as much as possible for just about everything from burgers to roasts.

So now that we have officially christened the grill for this year, it will be getting a lot of use. It makes winter officially over as far as I'm concerned.


allie.skelton said...

You shouldn't have said that, you just doomed us to another month of winter!

Carrin said...

We grilled out the other night too! It was great!

Debbie said...

This year I actually grilled all winter! Crazy - but that is me:)

Amanda said...

I finally got my bike out for the first time this season and next it will have to be some grilled food!!! Its so wonderful!

Jane! said...

Another good part of leaving the Upper Mid-North; grilling all winter. When there's snow on the grill, we just light it and the snow melts! Of course, where I came from you would have had to reheat the food after carrying it through the 20 below temps to get to the house.
Happy grilling!

Christina said...

Oh man... now I'm hungry and craving burgers!

Halftime Lessons said...

Thank you!! I appreciate you finally ending winter for us...what took you so long? ;-)
We grilled last night too, and now it's 80 degrees here...guess we figured out that whole climate change thing.

Great job, ma'am!