Monday, March 23, 2009

All Psyched Up

Did you know your brain has dendrites, axons and neurons? That as you get older you need more sleep and not less? That every one dreams every night even if you don't remember it? That we can be conditioned to anticipate something before it happens after being subjected to it repeatedly?

This semester I am taking Introduction to Psychology. What you might ask does psychology have to do with a Business degree? Good question. I asked myself that question too when I first started taking the class.
We use our brains for many different things and in many different ways without even realizing it. They are like an electrical circuits running throughout our body sending messages and current to different parts of our body so we can function.
Our senses are tied into psychology by how we perceive things. How we make our decisions of what something tastes like, looks like, or sounds like is tied into our brains and thus relates to psychology.
Some of our famous psychologists think we are who we are due to the environment we grow up in, some think it is due to our drive to become better people, and some think it is due to evolution. Then there is Freud, we all know who he is right? Freud determined that all men (and women) problems stemmed from memories from their childhood. And not just any memories but sexual memories.
I have learned that the brain tells us when we are hungry- yup my sure does that quite often. Wish to hell I could find the button to shut that off.
I have learned that the brain tells us when we are full- haven't quite heard that one yet and if I have it must be whispering it because I've been able to ignore it pretty good.
I have learned that the brain determines when men and women want to have sex- this usually isn't at the same time for some odd reason. You'd think the brain could at least get this synchronized so we were on the same page at the same time.
I have learned that the brain tells us when we are tired- Lately my brain tells me that is all the time. I never seem to catch up.
I have learned that the brain remembers things- Not so my brain. It forgets more than it remembers lately. In fact by the time I am done with this post, I'll probably forget why I started it in the first place.
I guess this still doesn't answer the question as to what psychology has to do with a Business degree but it's a required class so I just shut up and take it. It sure is different from all of my business classes though. I actually have to use my brain to think about my brain.


Jane! said...

The more I think about how my brain works, the crazier it makes me. How's that for counterproductive. What really scares me is that College Daughter is taking Psychology. She'll have me diagnosed, and probably committed, before long.

April said...

That was my favorite class in college. Luckily, the teacher and I agreed on most stuff so we usually had some really good conversations.

Tara said...

I don't think I want to know how and why my brain thinks what it does, when it does. That is when my brain is actually working. I think I like living in the dark on that one.

Debbie said...

I loved Psychology. My seniors are taking AP Psych now and one hates it with a passion.