Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

This is my family.

My Mom and Dad, who started it all 60 years ago.

This is my brother Mick, sisters Natalie, Lisa, Paula and me along with our parents.

There are some grand children and great grand children missing from this picture so you can imagine what it's like when they are all in attendance!

These are the women that carry the Schuler name and legacy.
We are proud, independent, strong women and let our men know who's in charge every chance we get. You don't want to mess with us! We are Woman hear us Roar!

A little paddle boating and inner tubing was done through out the weekend.

There was some sun bathing by people and non people (don't tell Buddy he isn't people though cuz he thinks he is)

Before the Compound weekend there was some
farm chores that had to be done by the City Slickers! Morgan milked her first cow with an assist from Sydney Jo.

And this is Noah on his Lipstick. I mean his Ripstick that he got for his birthday. He got pretty good at riding it after a weekend of practice.

My newest grandson, Jackson caught his first fish and Grandpa George helped him take it off the line. He fit right in with all the rest of us and was so good the whole weekend considering he was so far away from his parents.

This is Bob and Ashley (the newest couple in the family).
See the big grin on her face? He managed to survive the weekend and took her back home with him so guess we didn't drive him away with all our insanity.

The Summer of Love weekend at the Chrouser Compound is over and from my point of view it was a rousing success. There was tons of garbage and recyclables (beer bottles and cans) so everyone must have had a good time, right? I think this should be an annual event. OOPS, don't tell hubbs I said that.


April said...

What a beautiful family. WOW! 60 years! That is amazing!

Jane! said...

Wow, all those family members together and no one looks like they want to kill the person next to them! Your parents did a darn fine job!

Tara said...

It was a great weekend. Thanks for having us all up there Mom & George. It was super nice. Buddy is still recovering.

allie.skelton said...

i know i had an amazing time. thanks so much to you and george for opening up your place to us! i second the annual event idea!