Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joys of Parenthood- Round 2

Carla had to go out of town for work and asked us to watch Tegan while she was gone. This is nothing new for us or him. However this time it meant he had to stay over night on a school night. Interesting!

Normally Tegan comes over and spends a few hours with us, maybe eats supper, plays ball with Grandpa, watches TV and then goes home with his mom. Occasionally we will babysit (what an oxymoron as he is definitely not a baby to be sat with-he's 9 years old) him and he will spend the night but this is usually on a weekend and there are no rules.

Now it's been a long time since I've had to worry about making sure homework gets done, baths are taken, teeth are brushed and kids are in bed at a decent hour so they can get up in time for school and not be cranky butts. I had a hair appointment after work so when I got home I asked Grandpa what they had for supper? Here's what he fed the child- chips, jelly sandwich and strawberry milk. Not the most nutritious supper but it was OK I guess. Made sure he had his homework done before he watched anymore TV and then asked him to take a shower.

I came out of the den about 8:45 pm and he and Grandpa are still watching TV!! "Grandpa, why isn't this child in bed, he has school tomorrow?" Grandpa says, "He's going right after this is over."

Next morning Grandpa goes to work and I get up and get ready for work. About 6:20 I start to wake Tegan up. This is where I remember what being a mom is all about. "Tegan, time to get up buddy."

Tegan: "MMMMmmmmm" as he rolls over and burrows further under the covers.

Me: " Come on, you have to get up, Grandma has to go to work."

Teagn: "Yeah" and continues to lay there.

Me: " Tegan, don't make me drag you out of that bed and dress you myself! Get up and get your clothes on." Then I went back to getting ready for work, hoping he was getting out of bed.

The next thing I know Tegan is in the living room turning on the TV,watching cartoons (typical kid) and asking me for breakfast. SHIT! I don't think we have any cereal he will eat. We have adult stuff like Raisin Bran which I know he won't touch but I ask anyway. He turns up his nose and rejects it. I ask about toasts and jelly and he says sure so I open up the fridge to get the bread and find they ate the last of that the night before- no toast for Tegan. I get on the phone and call grandpa at work and inform him that when he comes home (when I leave for work he is trading off with me) he needs to bring something for Tegan for breakfast. OK no problem he says.

All goes well after that (at least I think it does) and I come home that night to find Tegan and Grandpa flying a kite in the backyard. Carla is home already and Tegan is happy to see her. I asked Grandpa what he brought for breakfast and he tells me cookies. COOKIES! What kind of breakfast is that? Grandpa said he gave him milk with them so he had the food groups and it didn't hurt him so No harm, No fail.

We sent Tegan home with his mom who is much better equipped to parent him. After all its been many years since our last child has been school age and in need of that kind of parenting. I guess we did all right though in the parenting department for one day- we managed to feed, bathe, clothe and get him to school on time without major mishap. I am much better suited to handling my BIG kid and making sure he has everything he needs. Grand parenting is for seeing the kids for a few hours and sending them back home with their parents.


Carrin said...

I think Grandpa George did the right thing. Isn't part of Grandparenting giving the kids stuff their parents won't let them have? Then they go home and say "but Grandpa let me have cookies for breakfast!"

April said...

Makes you glad your's are grown I bet!

Dreyer Drama said...

This is why George is a Grandpa!!! And of course, why all of the kids in the family love him, duh!!! Do you ever recall my kids running into your house yelling your name and running to you? LOL