Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've Got A Secret

I actually have a third child! I know you're all surprised right? I haven't talked about her
before so how could you know she existed?

I've posted about the daughter who is engaged and getting married.
(That's my first born by the way) and I've done a couple of posts about
my son who I am currently estranged from (that's my baby by the way). The child I have never devoted an entire post to is my middle child, Bear, so you didn't know she existed. Until now that is........

It isn't that I forgot I have another child, I think about her almost everyday and I email her at least 2-3 times a week. And up until this past week, we talked on the phone at least a couple times a week. What happened this past week you ask? Well, to add to the feelings that I have forgotten her, all of a sudden her phone calls (yes just hers and no one elses) would not ring through on my cell phone. Sounds like a conspiracy to me what do you think? I am happy to report this problem has now been fixed and her calls are now ringing through.

You can see how much George and I love her - we didn't even try to break the headlock she had us in when this picture was taken. Just kidding. Bear (this is my pet name for her and has been for as long as I can remember), is a middle child and as such often gets overshadowed by older and younger siblings. I know because I too am a middle child. Sometimes we have to make a little noise to remind people we're around.

What she doesn't realize is how special a middle child is and what they teach a parent. Bear, you had to learn patience at an early age because your older sister demanded my attention at times and you had to wait. You wore hand me downs quite often ( but not always because I sewed and made new things for you)and never complained. You never got to do anything FIRST (that was always your sister's right) but you did get to do things at an earlier age because we learned from your sister. You taught us it was OK to cross the street by yourself before you graduated from high school and that nothing would happen. You helped me understand the world wouldn't collapse if I let you go to bed with a dirty face and hands. You made me realize that if a dog would lick your face you wouldn't get sick. I learned to take one day at a time with you my middle child and realized that being a parent could be fun.

Bear has grown into a strong, independent, beautiful young woman. (I like to think I had a little something to do with that). She still calls her Mommy when she needs advice or comfort though. She has a heart as big as Texas and would do anything for anyone in need. She loves children, especially her nieces and nephews and can often be found doing things with them or taking them for a weekend just to spend time with them. To all the little kids in our family she is known as Tah Tah. If you ask them about her using her real name they do not know who you are talking about, but use the name Tah Tah and you will hear shouts of joy from any child in our family.

Bear recently became a dog owner (or he became her owner- not quite sure on this one yet) to Buddy. He has made a big difference in her life these past few months. He does have an alcohol problem that we are trying to address before it gets worse. Seems he likes his beer and whenever Bear takes him somewhere there is beer, he expects to have some. He has been known to overindulge once in a while. Other than that, he is a great companion for her.

Last summer Bear caught her first BIG fish while up at the cottage. She was ecstatic and after naming him, capturing him on film and blogging about him, she ate him! She has now been bitten by the fishing bug and I can't wait to get her back up there this year to have her try again!

So Bear, even if I don't say it often, or don't devote a whole blog to you (or more than one), and you think I have forgotten you, just remember- without you, our family would not be complete. There has to be a Beginning a Middle and an End. So you are vitally important to our family being what it is.

My secret is out now and you all know I have not 1, not 2, but 3 children so I can never forget to talk about them all again.
From now on, No More Secrets.


Carrin said...

I have a sister?

Debbie said...

Carrin's comment cracked me up!
Bear is beautiful. My middle has all the sufferings that come from his birth order. Bless him.

Tara said...

Thanks mama. It was a wonderful way to start my Monday. I do know you love. I never thought you didn't. I love you also.