Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Deer Friends

I love animals and nature and all that goes with it as much as anyone. I have several bird
feeders in my backyard and love to watch the Goldfinch come in and eat. When we are up north it is fun to sit outside and watch the loons swimming around the lake and calling out to each other and I have been known to stop dead in my tracks to pet a cute puppy.

I also love flowers and shrubs and have spent a lot of time and energy making sure my yard blooms with color each spring. Carla (my daughter that works in a greenhouse) brings me a lot of plants that otherwise would be thrown out because they are old. I bring them back to life (sometimes), plant them. nurture them and watch them grow into the most beautiful plants. I also have started flowers from bulbs and seeds over the years and now have a really nice yard that usually is quite pretty when spring is here.

This year I have a problem!
You see this year, Bambi, (you all remember Bambi don't you?) decided she wanted to eat my beautiful flowers for her evening snack! She crept out of the woods while we slept and the little B****! ate them right off at the ground just as they were beginning to open! Yum! Yum! She said that was sooo good! Than off she scampered back into the woods, leaving her hoof prints behind as evidence.

Now if this wasn't bad enough, she actually had the gall to come back after the plants had recovered enough to start growing back and do it all over again!!!!! So definitely not going to have anything that looks like this this year thanks to good ole Bambi. I am so pissed it isn't even funny!!!!

If any of you remember the movie Bambi, she had a friend named Flower who was a skunk. Now I wouldn't be opposed to her eating her friend Flower because this would be no loss to anyone, Right? Who wants to smell this Flower???

But if that doesn't work guess the next step is to get out good old Betsy and sit out on the deck every night just waiting for Bambi to come for her midnight snack of tulips and then "Bam!" I'll be eating Bambi for a snack.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the writing of this post and I actually don't know how to shoot a gun and wouldn't kill Bambi even if I did so don't worry. But I am mad as hell at her!


April said...

My dad is a deer hunter but he is not allowed to kill any deer on their property. Now they have about 10-15 that just hang out at their place all the time.
Good luck with it all.

Tara said...

Well I think this is your fault. If you wouldn't make your lawn look so appetizing with all those pretty flowers, you wouldn't have this problem. Don't blame it on Bambi. I think she is the innocent bystander in all this.

allie.skelton said...

i have to agree with tara, if you make it look so good for her she's going to keep coming back! maybe you'll have to talk george into letting you get a watch dog!