Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roll One for the Gipper

Some how I lost my better judgement last week. I know what you're thinking, "how can this be?", but between working 40 hours and finals at school, it got away from me for a few brief hours. Long enough though for those lovely ladies I bowl with (I sub on a team on Thursday nights when I don't have classes) to talk me into going to State Bowling Tournament this weekend! WTF!

Am I insane? Have I completely lost my mind? Somebody please tell me this is all a joke! I quit doing State Bowling tournaments years ago because they wrecked havoc on my body and I couldn't recover for days! What possessed me to say yes?

Now I have to drag my ass out of a perfectly good bed at 5:30 am on a Saturday to board a smelly bus with God knows how many other grumpy, sleep deprived females and drive at least 3 1/2 hours just to get off and bowl 6 (count them- 6) games in a row before being able to check into my hotel and relaxing! Then I get up on Sunday and bowl 3 more games before hauling my tired ass back on the same smelly bus and driving back home just to unpack and do laundry! Sound like fun to you? Yeah that's what I thought.

Upside to all of this if there is one. I get to drink non stop while bowling, collect beads for the grandchildren (Sailor has a bead fetish so she'll be happy), bond with my bowling girls, eat at some great restaurants, maybe do a little shopping while we're there and if I'm lucky honey, get another tattoo. (Remember the last time I came home from State tournament with a tattoo?)

Of course along with all of that goes the hang overs, lack of sleep and feeling miserable due to over indulging but it's only 2 days so guess I will survive. At least I hope I will. HELP!!


April said...

Have fun!!! Sounds like a blast!

Jane! said...

I'm having trouble making the bowling/bead collecting connection....
But otherwise, I say grab a bottle of Motrin, some scented lotion for under your nose on the bus.... and go for it!

Carrin said...

I suggest lots of liquids (other than alcohol) and asprin!