Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Teaser

Welcome to the Chrouser Chronicles. In the upcoming weeks and months you will meet the various members of the Chrouser family and journey with them as they go about their life.

Today I missed Tegan's baseball game because I had to get my nails done! What kind of Grandma am I? Hey I deserve some pampering too! Grandpa George made it to the game though and got to watch him play. He plays every Tuesday night and we make it to as many games as we can. It is so cute to watch these kids because they are so serious about this game. They try to hit the ball so hard and wind up like they are professional ball players. They get up to bat, dig in, wiggle a little and swing batter!! We love it. Next sport up for Tegan is football. Guess he's growing up.

Our garden is finally growing nicely after so much rain and cold weather! Now if the deer and rabbits would just leave it alone we'd be ok. We put a fence around it but it doesn't seem to make a difference, they seem to find a way in. George has taken to carrying around the 22 lately so maybe I'll be making rabbit stew soon

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Cathy said...

Good Morning Shari,
What a great idea. Love the photo of you and George. You make a terrific couple. So happy you are my sister-in-law. I will check in again from time to time. You guys take care. Love you lots!