Saturday, June 28, 2008


The mind of a young child is an amazing thing. I am babysitting Tegan today and he is playing on the Internet with something called Webkinz. My grandchildren(both the Nebraska ones and the Wisconsin ones) are Webkinz junkies and they turned my into one a few months ago. These creatures are stuffed animals that become computer interactive once you adopt them and enter a code online. You can then build them rooms, buy them things and play with them. They talk to you and you can talk to other Webkinz and go to their rooms. It is totally addictive and whoever dreamed this up has probably become a millionaire by now. I know my grandchildren have several of these and I already have 3! It is fun to go online with them and play with the grandchildren both here in Wisconsin but also the ones in Nebraska that I don't get to see very often. If you get a chance to check them out you'll see for yourselves just why Webkinz are so much fun and you might even want one for yourself.

Tegan and I took a walk later this morning to go see George at work. Teagn was picking wild flowers along the way to give to his mother and we had a really great conversation that I just have to share with you. I love talking to my grandchildren because they have great wisdom if you listen carefully. Here is our conversation.

Tegan: I'm picking these flowers for my mom because she likes flowers.
Me: I used to love getting bouquets like that from my son when he was a little boy too but he's all grown up now so I don't get them anymore
Tegan: But he'll always be your son
Me: Yes he will and maybe someday he'll get married and have a son just as smart as you
Tegan: Or a girl
Me: That's right or a girl
Tegan: Or twins........ or one of each
Teagn: Or 6... but not 100 cause that's too many
Me: Yes, way too many
Teagn: I know what 3x3 is Want to know?
And just like that the conversation had changed to something else. Aren't kids wonderful?

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