Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last night Tegan and Carla biked over to visit. Tegan couldn't wait to tell us he grilled out for supper- he is so proud that he knows how to man the grill and can take control of the outdoor cooking. He made hot dogs and brat patties. Of course once he was over he wanted to play soccer with Grandpa in the 80 degree heat and humidity! They did mange to kick the ball around a little while Carla and I sat under the shade of the umbrella and watched. I am sharing a few pictures with you.

Speaking of patio furniture-I bought one of these chests to store the chair cushions in yesterday from Target. The box said no tools necessary- Assemble in 5 minutes. Yeah right, it took me 20 minutes to wrestle with it and then I ended up having to get George to help me finish it. Whoever decided it would only take 5 minutes obviously wasn't a 4' 11" woman weighing 102 lbs! Get real!

George is golfing tonight after work so I will be alone for supper, which is ok can then I don't have to cook and can eat junk food. On nights like this I love to eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese by myself or a big juicy cheeseburger and fries! Things I don't normally fix for supper. It's good to indulge the inner child once in a while.

This weekend we are going to butcher chickens at Jennifer's. Yes people still do that. Sounds crazy doesn't it and I'll agree when it's 80 some degrees out,hot, humid and ever piece of clothing you have on is sticking to you, the last place you want to be is in a barn plucking chickens! But come this winter when I reach into the freezer and pull out one of those nice plump chickens and fry her up- oh yeah, then I remember why I do it. So guess a few hours of icky work is worth it later on. I'll think of all of you when I bite into that drumstick.

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